HATE HATE HATED this episode…

21 Aug

…but like a train wreck, I couldn’t look away. In fact I cannot wait until next week. Hopefully to watch Teresa throw a full glass of wine in Caroline’s face. Wishful thinking, I am sure. I understand that this is a reality show, and they need to show the “reality” but I just don’t think showing Joe’s phone call was necessary at all. Think of those children…those 4 girls. Its like a home movie showing Daddy’s lack of respect and quite possibly his affairs. Do I think a worker was on the phone? No, I don’t. And it breaks my heart because I love, love, love Teresa.

Watching her try to talk to Joe in a hush tone (because DUH YOUR FREAKING MIC IS ON!!!) and then seduce him  in the vineyard was just painful to watch. I was literally cringing at her desperate attempt at being close to her husband. I wanted to punch the screen when he called her a “f**king wh**re” to her face. And mostly I just wanted to cry as I watched a strong, self-respecting woman cower and be blatantly disrespected by her husband on national T.V. It was heartbreakingly….real. And that is all I can say about that.

As for the toast…Teresa did not address every single person there…so why should Kathy think she is an exception. I think it was an honest omission. In any event…after seeing all the crap Kathy and her husband talk about Teresa for the last two seasons…,I am kinda glad she didn’t toast her. Kathy comes off as a sweet, innocent…but at the end of the day…this woman and her family came on the show to destroy her cousin in a quest for fame. She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Someone shove a cannoli up her ass.

And Melissa? I despise her. But she was relatively calm this episode.  Her husband on the other hand? An absolute heathen. I am serious. The man is a desperate neanderthal.

And the award for biggest waste of human space and air goes to…Lauren Manzo. What a bitter, angry, jealous person. I don’t think she has ever once said anything positive to anyone. Maybe the lap band can suck some of the asshole out of her. Until then, she will remain a wet mop.

And Caroline. Poor nasty, judgemental, someone-get-her-a-hair-brush Caroline. It doesn’t get more hypocritical than that.  This week she declared that she won’t comment on Teresa’s marriage. Good thing two weeks ago, in the same outfit (so therefore same interview day) she declared Teresa’s marriage was headed for divorce. Can’t wait to see her get involved next week…its always fun watching a bear eat a kitten.



4 Responses to “HATE HATE HATED this episode…”

  1. NJrules August 22, 2012 at 8:43 am #

    Wow! Kathy didnt come on the show 2 destroy Teresa. Joe Gorga is a heathern? Nope. What about Juicy Joe? More like Nasty Joe! He turns my stomach. Hes not very smart and has the manners of a monkey. Have u ever thought “how and why are the majority of ppl against Teresa?”, What are they seeing, reading, being told that Im not? Hmmm, just a thought.

  2. ♡Mazel Or Not♡ (@LaPicanteChica) August 23, 2012 at 12:20 am #

    All I can say is @TeresaGiudice has always been Teresa = what you see is what you get. Everyone one loved her for being the funny crazy lady on the show. She flipped the table and it was great everyone loved her for it …. then she got so much attention for that from the tabloids to National news organizations talking about it. Her cook books came out … she was the super star of the show everyone wanted to know and tune in for. Well guess what, mean muggin’ manslow got so jealous … then she started to force Jax and Dina to follow her on the hate rant … Tre’s comment in the cookbook was nada big, I am sure that Bravo and the publishers wanted her to add a lil extra to it. Big deal move on and STFU.

    Bravo knew that Teresa’s new found fame and income was changing how they thought the show should go … they went back to look at all those tape that Kat & Mel have been constantly calling them about, we will do anything to pull Tre down. Bravo went for it.

    We know all those dirt bag husbands have messed around on their wives too. Why do you think there’s an apt in the Manzzzo bro. business? Plus the rumors about them all doing it. JoeGo with his Rape allegation made by some girl they paid off I’ve been reading about.

    Hell yes JoeGi was and is a low down ugly dirt bag for talking like that to Teresa, the mother of his girls. But she has to live her life the way she wants. If the other women on the show can take their dirty men back, she should give it a limited go. I really think MeanMugginManz Mel and Kat and Jax should all tell her how they put up with all their men doing the same.

    I still think Teresa is just going with the flow and was smart enough to build her empire wwhile the others are desperate to get her fame and fortune. They will pull her down to get attention for themselves.

    Go back to basics …. Teresa follow her and her girls and her business. Mel (not a fan) follow her as she puts her past in the past and moves forward trying to be a lounge singer. Jax follower her struggle with her mentally ill daughter and life with her lil boy dealing with day to day life with a son with Autism. Not to make money off him or not to start a charity, she is an alcoholic and uneducated to speak on it. Just be real. Ad a new wife to the show plus one of Teresa good true friend as a friend of the show.

    Above all cut out the all Manzzzzo and Wackies … two bitter bitches nobody cares about. Nor will they be missed at all. The show went from HW to grown ass lazy kids. They are dull and boring. Plus these women are way too old to be getting in the mix.

    • realhousewiveslives August 23, 2012 at 12:38 am #

      Thoughtful and great post. Agree with lots of your points. Thanks for stopping by and please come back. Xx

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