FAKE Juicy Joe account gets national attention!

24 Aug

The entire below story, from Examiner.com makes me laugh. Irresponsible journalism if you ask me! But worse…a crime!

Examiner.com has a story about Joe Giudice apologizing for the way he spoke to Teresa, his wife, in the last episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

However, it is known, and confirmed by Teresa Giudice herself, that the Joe Giudice twitter account is fake and NOT Joe Giudice. Not only did Examiner not research this…but an imposter gaining national attention and speaking out as Joe. Wonder if they know its a crime to impersonate someone on the internet??

Therefore, so is this story:

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice has been speaking out about her husband acting very inappropriately on Sunday’s episode of the show, but according to a new report released by “Reality Tea” on Aug. 23, Joe made an appearance on Twitter to set the record straight about his phone call and his wife, Teresa. He quickly deleted his profile afterwards out of respect for his wife. Maybe she didn’t want him to find more women online that he could potentially date behind his back.

“I have apologized to Tre about that conversation I had. It wasn’t the right thing to say to her, especially when I never do talk bad to her,” Joe writes on his Twitter account according to the report. ”You don’t know anything that happens with me and tre behind closed doors.” He goes on to sarcastically question when a business call becamecheating. It sounds like he isn’t giving up the idea that the phone call was indeed a worker who didn’t speak English. “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice bought it.

“When did taking a business call and flirting from time to time become cheating? I’m curious…” he wrote. “I tell you something, Tre wasn’t trying to have sex with me in the vineyard for nothing. She was upset about my call which later… I did apologize about. As far as all these cheating allegations, the hell with all of it. I love my wife and I don’t cheat.” Joe does go on to thank his supporters, and he does have one message to his haters; “go f*ck yourselves.”

Just goes to show that the internet is a breeding ground for fakers, haters and liars. Stick with Real Housewives Lives for well researched stories! Oh and unfollow the fake Juicy Joe!



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