Dina Manzo responds to latest RHONJ episode!

27 Aug

Whoa! Dina Manzo responded to tonight’s RHONJ showdown! She really is such a classy lady and she seems to make perfect sense. She is not trying to get anyone on her “side” since she is no longer on the show. She took to Facebook to explain:The fighting on HW’s is completely petty & silly, I didn’t even know about any of it because I stayed away. I am allowed to support a friend with her launch, a friend who always supported me. I didn’t bash my family at all, I assured Teresa that the BS wouldn’t hurt our relationship as long as she didn’t “hurt” my sister. A joke in a book is stupid, yes, but not grounds for me to hate a friend of 15 yrs & the mother of my Goddaughter. For those of you who thrive on drama & want to hate me for it, do me a favor & defriend me, Friends like you I don’t need ; ) PEACE

I always liked Dina. I really wish we knew the source of the rift between her and Caroline. What do YOU think of Dina’s statement?


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