Melissa Gorga says Teresa tries to put up a wall with her in-laws!

27 Aug

From her inflated lips to your ears…Melissa Gorga weighs in on the Napa showdown on her Bravo Blog. She doesn’t go too deep into it…just the right about of Manzo ass licking. Someone should tell Melissa that the stuff Caroline refers to in her interview, that Teresa called Melissa (gold digger, stripper, whore etc.) was taped in an interview AFTER the Posche Fashion Show. Everyone is going to accuse Teresa of setting up Melissa at the show, so throwing in the stripper-gate references AFTER the fact but edited to look like it was said in Napa is sneaky sneaky sneaky. You can tell by the length of Caroline’s hair that interview was AFTER the fashion show. Melissa says:

Another crazy episode. I think you could tell by my face that I’m just so over all the fighting and craziness. I really can’t take it anymore. 

I think Kathy was just trying to explain to Teresa that the Manzos and Lauritas are really good people, and that she should try harder to fix things with Caroline. I told Kathy that I wished she didn’t say anything, because at this point it is clear that Caroline does not have to deal with Teresa. She is not her family, and luckily she can walk away. Caroline is not a fake person and she tells you exactly how she feels. It’s very obvious how she feels about Teresa and why she feels that way. She is very happy with her family, so sometimes it’s just better to get someone poisonous out of your life. I think that’s exactly what Caroline is doing and who could blame her? 

I will say I got a sick feeling in my stomach when Caroline said she’s been in the car with Teresa and heard Teresa bashing Joe and me to her mother. This is nothing we didn’t know already, but to hear about it is just sad. Joe suffers all the time because of the wall Teresa tries to put up between him and his parents. Nothing hurts him more. When they are upset for no reason at all, my kids don’t get to see their only grandfather. I think I understand why she lied and tried to poison everyone’s minds against us, but why his own parents? It takes a person with a very, very small conscience to do that. Then to tell Caroline that I was a copycat, a stripper, gold digger, whore, and wanted to be her? Wow. This blows my mind. Where does she get this from? Every one of those statements is false. It is terrible to go around and try to ruin someone’s character. It’s just not right. I’m not gonna lie, I really think it’s disgusting and I wish she would stop. The sooner she stops trying to hurt other people, the sooner her own life will get better. It’s not fair to do these things and lie to all of us constantly.

There is now proof that she gets paid for these articles and she was lying to us the whole time. I think her credibility is now completely gone. I tried everything I possibly could to fix the relationship between Teresa and me and Joe. It was going really well. I did this for family. I did this for my husband. It is now clear that she tried to poison all the ladies’ and the public’s minds against Kathy and me and got them to feel sorry for her. But now the truth is coming out. I really feel that I tried to help Teresa. I knew she was having problems with the other ladies, and I jumped in and tried to help. I tried to give her advice. I also tried to make all the problems between her and her brother go away. Joe and I left that house with her and Joe. Whether or not we agreed with her, of course we left with her, she is family. Last season I threw that woman Monica out of my house for her. Joe and I were not going to let them fly home drunk. We are true family. With that said, we have worked really hard to make a beautiful family of our own and give our children a healthy and happy lifestyle. I will not let anyone, family or not, try to break that. We are giving our all to her and Joe, and I deserve the same from her. Hopefully, she will reciprocate and we can keep this good thing going.

I think its so wrong to bring up Mr. and Mrs. Gorga. Caroline really crossed the line there and Melissa keeps going there as well. The woman is your mother in law and DID NOT sign up for TV. They are notoriously private so respect their privacy and do not mention her!!


2 Responses to “Melissa Gorga says Teresa tries to put up a wall with her in-laws!”

  1. OMFG August 27, 2012 at 9:29 pm #

    Funny how Melissa’s mouth is full of shit And I’ll tell you why right now. You should never suck a dick after it been in your ass, (especially if it’s for coke) because you might get some corn stuck in your teeth! Sorry Mel, you can’t blame Teresa for everything!

  2. Anonymous August 29, 2012 at 6:58 pm #

    And Teresa blames everyone for everything!

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