Sneak PEEK! Jacqueline Laurita questions Dina Manzo’s motives!

27 Aug

In this sneak peak clip from the September 9th episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jacqueline Laurita is questioning why Dina is “suddenly” so close to Teresa.

Jac comments how Dina was not at any of the other Housewives events or premiere parties, but chose to come to the Fabellini launch to support Teresa when things within her own family were strained with Teresa.

On the outside this may seem like a true sentiment. But Dina has stated that she stayed away from the drama of all things housewives for a WHILE. That didn’t mean that she stayed away from Teresa…just the cameras. When she finally felt comfortable coming to something, it was when Caroline (who she was/is fighting with) was not there. Do you blame her?? She is over the drama so she avoided it or people who she may have had confrontation with: CLASSY. She is also the godmother to Teresa’s almost 3 year old baby girl…obviously the friendship is not “sudden”. Check out the clip below! (Please excuse out video player as we try to fix it…for now, use the links).


One Response to “Sneak PEEK! Jacqueline Laurita questions Dina Manzo’s motives!”

  1. Llinda August 28, 2012 at 8:02 pm #

    OMG! Jack you are too emotionally stunted to even begin to understand a true supportive friendship that doesn’t keep score. Get off this show and take all that negative energy of hate and jealousy and turn it into a positive energy for your children!! Don’t use your son’s condition as a storyline. America is very well aware of autism- one in every 5 kids are now born with some level of autism. Privacy is golden for both of your sons. The last thing your children need is to be in/around filming of a reality show. CJ is at an age-this is not good for him-his peers, etc..

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