The curious case of RoxyPoxyGirl…

29 Aug

Let’s get one thing straight…RoxyPoxyGirl is a fake. Am I 100% positive? No. Am I 95% positive, yes, yes I am. But here is where it gets interesting. Is RPG herself a fake? Or is the person who contacted me just pretending to be her? Or are both fakes? Confused yet? When dealing with the internet, things can get tricky. Old men can be hot young girls. Children can be middle-aged. Vicodin can be bought and losers can turn into passive aggressive hot shots with the click of a mouse. Here is how I debunked RPG, or someone pretending to be her…whichever it is. 

It all started on June 26th, 2012 when Jacqueline Laurita tweeted that Teresa’s husband cheated on her two years ago. A brand new account, called RoxyPoxyGirl responded to her with the following tweets:

26 Jun roxypoxygirlroxypoxygirl ‏ wow i already have 17 followers, interesting. just got on here to let jacquiline know the real deal don’t really know how to use twitter yet
26 Junroxypoxygirlroxypoxygirl ‏    @JacLaurita I will be talking to INTOUCH editor next week and will reveal who I am. Since you seem to communicate here mostly i did it here
26 Junroxypoxygirlroxypoxygirl ‏    @JacLaurita I have nothing negative to say to or about you however you should know that chris and I have been together many times
26 Junroxypoxygirlroxypoxygirl ‏    @JacLaurita Funny that you say that because I know your husband really well which will come out soon. I am keeping my name private for now
Word spread like wild fire and before you knew it, the elusive RPG had over 500 followers, waiting with baited breathe for the “article to come out”. Jacqueline quickly blocked RPG and many bloggers and tweeters questioned the validity of a person who would take to twitter when a supposed national magazine was interviewing them for their story.
RED FLAG #1: If IN TOUCH was in fact talking to RPG, she would have had to sign an exclusivity clause preventing her from talking about the incidents in question until AFTER publication was complete.
Then RPG disappeared. For almost a week there was no communication with the account. People began to question her again. She came back on claiming she has to move and change her phone numbers because the Laurita/Manzos were trying to silence her.
RED FLAG #2: If the Manzo/Laurita bunch was really threatening her, wouldn’t she go to the police or law enforcement? Nope…she called them out on Twitter and claimed she had to “lay low”. Last time I checked, someone can still tweet from a smartphone or even a  home computer without people “knowing their location”. The Manzos are many things but criminal mastermind hackers with the capabilities of the CIA- I think not. 
After another brief disappearance, RPG returned, insulted a bunch of tweeters who doubted her, and claimed her story would be out any day now. She claimed there was “photos” and “concrete proof” and that she “retained a lawyer” to make sure no one could harm her or hurt her validity. She also tweeted Teresa and said “vindication was coming”.
17 Julroxypoxygirlroxypoxygirl ‏@    @Teresa_Giudice I have first hand knowledge of what they have been doing to you behind the scenes for two years vindication is coming.
17 Julroxypoxygirlroxypoxygirl     @Teresa_Giudice I have first hand knowledge of what they have been doing to you behind the scenes for two years vindication is coming.
17 Julroxypoxygirlroxypoxygirl ‏    @Teresa_Giudice You are about to be vindicated. Good luck to you and your family. Even though we never met I see what your dealing with.
  3 Julroxypoxygirlroxypoxygirl ‏ thank you to all of you who have been supportive. I need to cancel this acct due to some severe threats I have received. Bodily harm that is
And so she did. Or did she? After a brief lull she resurfaced on July 29th and said her story would be out “this week”. And nothing. Then on August 19th she said it comes out “this Monday”.
Red Flag # 3, 4 and 5: Claim after claim saying its coming out and never delivering. While it technically wouldn’t be up to her when it comes out, the constant back and forth alienates supporters.
We started our blog on August 19th. One of out very first tweets was to RPG, requesting to speak with her. On August 21st we received the following email:
From:  * 
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2012 20:32:49 -0400
Subject: Twitter

hi ,

i would be willing to give an interview with you providing it does not step on the towes of the magazine I did. Send me your list of ?s n i will try to answer what i can.
*Email redacted for legal purposes.
I had my doubts. Afterall, how would I verify the validity of this person? Was he/she really RPG? Was RPG a fake to begin with? Why would anyone spells “toes” with a “w”. The questions were endless.
So I came up with a solution. I asked RoxyPoxyGirl to tweet me, and type “thanks bunches xoxo” just so I would know that the person in charge of the twitter account was the person who was emailing me.
She never did. She responded back to my list of questions, which is below. But she never answered my request to tweet me proof of person, never responded back to any more emails and deleted her email account.
RWL: So tell us, what made you come forward?
“RPG”: I was tired of watching the Manzo and Laurita family portray something they are not on t.v. I watched this people completely destroy others and act superior when their closet is filled with dirty little secrets.
RWL:  Who exactly did you have an affair with
“RPG”: Chris Laurita
RWL: For how long?
“RPG”: Multiple months. Earlier this year. We ended about 3 months ago when I couldn’t take the lies any more and sneaking.
RWL: Where did you meet?
“RPG”: At a restaurant/lounge in North Jersey. He was with his friends and I was with mine. We had an instant connection.
RWL: Did his wife know of your affair?
“RPG”: He said she had no idea what he did in his own time. He was just happy to escape her. She is mentally unstable and crazy.
RWL: When would you spend time together?
“RPG”: Mostly during the day. He would call me to meet up whenever he had free time.
RWL: Did you love him?
“RPG”: I wouldn’t go that far. But there was a strong connection between us. Physical and mental.
RWL: Why has the magazine article not come out?
“RPG”: People always ask that. I tried to give the date as they gave it to me. But bigger and better stories keep pushing us back. I gave the info and pictures. The rest is up to them to publish. They keep giving me different dates. I don’t care who doesn’t believe me.
RWL: Were you paid for the article?
“RPG”: No. I was not.
RWL: Are you worried about the backlash or reaction when this comes out?
“RPG”: Yes, but it needs to be done. I am in fear every day of these people. They have tried to keep me quiet and threaten me. But I refuse to back down and will not be silenced.
RWL: Can you offer proof of your claims?
“RPG”:n Yes. But I cannot go into detail yet.
RWL: Do you have an affiliation with Teresa Giudice or know her at all?
“RPG”: No, I don’t. I just know what was done to her. Like all the viewers do.
RWL: Will you interview with us again after the story is out so you can explain in depth about the article/proof?
“RPG”: Sure. If I have time, I would love to.
Luckily, I was smart enough to send her a FORM to answer the questions and was able to attach a analytics IP tracker to the link. By clicking on it, she gave me her location.  Seattle, Washington! Unless Chris Laurita was traveling 3,000 miles to get some booty- this person could not POSSIBLY be RPG. RPG’s validity was still up for grabs. But the person I talked to: complete faker.
Therefore, we know the following:
1) My interviewee was a fake. Possibly someone with mental problems to go to such a length. And from Seattle.
2) The RPG on twitter is still unknown as to whether she is telling the truth. But my money is on a faker as well…otherwise the story would have been out by now under the headline “While Jac tends to Autistic son, Chris cheats!”
3) People are crazy…the real RPG and the fake one included.
So there you have it. Someone on the internet claimed to be….someone on the internet who claims to have had an affair with Jac’s husband. So many fakers…my head is spinning.  But at least we could bring you the truth as we experienced it: RPG may or may not be telling the truth (Atlantic City odds and smart individuals say no) and RPG has her very own fake wannabe. Or the very remore possibility that RPG was in fact emailing me but got scared or worried or realized I got her location and could “out” her as a fake.
VERDICT:  Whoever emailed me is a RPG faker. And as for the real RPG…fake fake faker as well in my opinion. RoxyPoxyGirl, if you are reading this: PROVE ME WRONG. My email is above…or just tweet me as asked. 
Thank you everyone for supporting me and being patient for this story. I promised to shed light on the mystery and I hope I have (even if it wasn’t a definitive yes/no scenario).  Til then, I will keep on diggin’
MEMBER OF THE MEDIA AND BLOGGERS: Please cite us when using this story and provide backlinks as this is an exclusive story.
A few people have requested to see screen shots of the emails I got so here they are. I am not making a whole new post about this so as to avoid giving anymore credence to RPG or her imposter or whoever they are. I do not wish to fuel

the fire of this person any longer.

This is the last I will talk about RPG. Since this post she has proven even more to be a fake and I will not give credence
to this person or the above faker anymore.

11 Responses to “The curious case of RoxyPoxyGirl…”

  1. Reality Chicks (@RealityChickMel) August 29, 2012 at 2:35 pm #

    Well done! I think most people on Twitter knew this alleged mistress was more than likely a fake. I love your tenacity though…and the IP tracker was the icing on the cake. I’m sure she’ll respond she is on the west coast in hiding. I’m sure you had fun compiling this story and I had fun reading it. 🙂

  2. OMFG August 29, 2012 at 2:52 pm #

    Great work detective! And great blog postings too! Keep up the great work

  3. Lene August 29, 2012 at 5:24 pm #

    Didnt she say she had to relocate to her parents house because of the story so isn’t possible that her parents live in Seattle?

    • realhousewiveslives August 30, 2012 at 11:40 am #

      that is entirely possible. its just so many “what ifs”. If it was her, all she had to do was tweet back.

  4. storm915 September 4, 2012 at 10:40 am #

    I call bullshit on Roxy Poxy and her innuendos about being Chris Laurita’s mistress, or anyone else on the show!
    Magazines are in the business of making money, and if a story about a top rated program is given to them they will print it…Immediately! As hot as RHONJ is right now, the magazine would have jumped all over it. That is why I am calling…bullshit!

    • realhousewiveslives September 4, 2012 at 12:42 pm #

      I agree! No way she would have sold the story and it just never appeared. And no way she would have brought it up on twitter BEFORE.

  5. Wowser September 5, 2012 at 3:56 pm #

    I wouldn’t count on other sites giving you credit. I knew she was fake lol. Too good 2 be true!

    • realhousewiveslives September 9, 2012 at 3:45 pm #

      Not looking for credit or any praise. Just reporting what I found. 😉

  6. Wowser September 5, 2012 at 3:57 pm #

    I don’t mean none of this in a bad way to you either.

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