LeAnn Rimes: It just keeps getting worse!

4 Sep

Is anyone else feeling like the world is off-kilter with the absence of incessant tweeting from LeAnn Rimes? Yup, me too. However, things with LeAnn seem to be just as normal as ever. According to a new report from RadarOnline, LeAnn’s camp served Kim Smiley, the woman accused of bullying and illegally recording a conversation with Rimes. Unfortunately, they served the wrong woman. But somehow the media was there to capture it. Classic LeAnn tip off or coincidence? Read on!

A process server working for LeAnn Rimes’ team committed an embarrassing public gaffe on Monday when he attempted to serve the wrong woman with legal papers,RadarOnine.com has learned exclusively.

Rimes, who is in a 30-day treatment center for “anxiety,” filed an invasion of privacy lawsuitagainst high school teacher Kim Smiley last week. The lawsuit alleges that Smiley recorded a phone conversation after Rimes called her following more than a year of clashes between pro- and anti-LeAnn forces. Smiley, a mother of six, has vowed to fight back.

On Labor Day events took an even more bizarre turn. A process server, allegedly accompanied by members of the media, showed up to serve Kim Smiley with legaldocuments late in the day. The only problem: they were at the home of Kim Smiley, the sister-in-law to the Kim Smiley named in the lawsuit!

“My sister-in -aw told them they had the wrong Kim and they wouldn’t believe her,” the correct Kim Smiley told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview. “They wouldn’t leave her alone. I heard the process server was banging on the door and looking over the fence.

“They were having a party and my sister-in-law was so upset she took her kids and ran to the clubhouse (in the development where they live).

“My brother  was playing golf. He came back and he was angry. He told them not to show up ever again.

“My sister-in-law had told them it was the wrong Kim but they wouldn’t believe her.”

And another source told RadarOnline.com that the process server demanded the correct Kim Smiley’s address, which is more than an hour away from where LeAnn’s legal rep descended.

Now one major question is, did someone on LeAnn’s team tip off the media that Kim Smiley was going to be served? One person on LeAnn’s team denied knowledge of the entire situation.

But Kim told Radar: “The media called my sister-in-law’s house in advance, saying they were going to show up. That’s what I was told.

“When my sister-in-law told them they had the wrong Kim they just kept going. They thought she was lying. They didn’t believe her.”

Another source close to the situation told Radar: “If this was a public relations stunt, it was a bad one. And it sure went wrong for LeAnn.”

Epic FAIL LeAnn, epic fail. We hope Kim Smiley never gets served…but if she does, we hope this ridiculous lawsuit is shut down quickly.


One Response to “LeAnn Rimes: It just keeps getting worse!”

  1. storm915s September 6, 2012 at 7:45 am #

    I think it is ridiculous the way the word “bully” is being bandied about by celebrities & reality show morons. The definition of bullying is: Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior manifested by the use of force or coercion to affect others. What these people on the shows, and their fans do is called ARGUING. They are trivializing to an extent, an act that has caused trauma to many.

    As to this cluster f*ck, it seems to me that LeAnn, from the beginning, was the aggressor in all this, then when she gets called out on her bullsh*t, she is crying foul. As to Kim Smiley, yes she was wrong to post the recording, but if someone called me and started to berate me on the phone,damn right I am going to record it.

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