Paul & Adrienne: Guns, Vodka and hitting…OH MY!

8 Sep

I feel like I keep posting the same two stories: Leanne Rimes is crazy and Paul/Adrienne’s divorce is getting nasty. But…here is a little update as well. After back and forth custody litigation (with Paul trying to get the custody agreement lifted to no avail) the Maloof/Nassifs have resorted to name calling, gun-toting accusations and media playing. TMZ says:

Paul Nassif is Absolut-ly convinced … vodka turns his wife Adrienne Maloof into a violent, abusive, angry woman who was prone to smacking him in the face.

According to a declaration — filed in his nasty custody fight — Paul claims he has been repeatedly at the receiving end of Adrienne’s physical attacks … the worst of which occurred in July on Maloof’s home turf in Las Vegas.  Paul says they got into a spat over whether Adrienne’s mother could come to a party.  Paul says his wife downed 4 vodka sodas — with a little grapefruit juice — and became “increasingly hostile.”  

Paul says Adrienne went on a 45-minute rampage, physically and verbally demeaning him.  He says she accused him of cheating and calling him a piece of s**t.  Paul says Adrienne screamed he was a horrible dad, and repeatedly beat him in the face, chest and legs.  

TMZ previously reported Adrienne filed legal docs claiming Paul has an explosive temper and carries a gun … sometimes in easy reach of her children.  She mentions she took a photo of the gun in the side pocket of his briefcase.

Paul says in his papers Adrienne set him up by taking the gun out of the secure briefcase while he was snoozing and placed it precariously out in the open.

For two people who didn’t even look like they liked each other, they obviously have very strong feelings one way or another toward each other. Here’s hoping they calm down and work it out for the kids.


One Response to “Paul & Adrienne: Guns, Vodka and hitting…OH MY!”

  1. storm915 September 9, 2012 at 2:19 pm #

    I believe Paul, only because she showed what she thought of him during the last 2 season, and also she showed us what a sneaky backstabbing skank she was in the last reunion. She will say and use anyone to get her point across, no matter if it is true or not.

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