Jacqueline Laurita talks “scheming and calculating” Teresa

12 Sep

Someone has abducted Jacqueline Laurita. This Bravo blog could not possibly be written by her. Its only two paragraphs! Where is the T bashing? Where are the misguided metaphors? Where are the paragraphs upon paragraphs of nonsense? She glazes over how she said she was disappointed not to be invited to the Fabellini party. And she contradicts what she said on Sunday’s episode in her interview…

I was very disappointed by the obvious calculating and scheming ways of certain people in this episode, but it doesn’t surprise me. It’s a shame. Teresa knew exactly what she was doing by bringing Dina into that conversation about Caroline while the cameras were on them, and Dina had to know what she was getting into as well. That’s all I will say on that.

As far as the Fabellini party goes, I didn’t expect to be invited. It was what it was, and I was just very frustrated at that point in time with the person Teresa had become. I knew at that point that her make-up with me was not sincere, and I had been waiting for her true feelings to come out on camera. As for me, I really didn’t need more aggravation in my life, so I was happy to avoid as much as I could at that point.

Seems Jacqueline is either a) over the drama or b) saving her writing skills for next week with the Strippergate. I think its funny how she doesn’t even mention that the Fabellini party was a WEEK AFTER Strippergate/Posche Fashion Show. Or maybe she realized that her rambling blogs were more laughable rehashing of the same sentence over and over and over again. Her blogs usually make me think of the Friends episode where Rachel writes Ross a 18 page letter…FRONT. AND. BACK!


2 Responses to “Jacqueline Laurita talks “scheming and calculating” Teresa”

  1. Donna Botto King (@donna627lee) September 12, 2012 at 6:15 pm #

    LOL I know that Jac knows that Dina tweeted the convo with Tre was edited to seem as if they were talking about Caroline but they were actually talking about Teresa and her brother! Clearly this blog must be for those who do not have Twitter so they cankeep the hate for Tre going! Too bad appox. 95% of us KNOW the truth!!!

    • Donna Botto King (@donna627lee) September 12, 2012 at 6:16 pm #

      Ooops and I am sure the short blog is due to the fact that she knows that she might be getting the Bravo boot soon from her mouth running over! HA!!!

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