BRAVO’s slanted take on last night’s RHONJ

17 Sep

Bravo Dish provided their usual biased seed-planting recap of last nights RHONJ. Check it out below as they recap the episode and suggest Teresa aided in the obvious setup of Melissa. Actually, I am retiring the word setup. It was a reveal…not a setup.

Kim D, Angelo and Teresa Guidice
Holy. New Jersey. Housewives. Drama! And trust us, this is nothing compared to next week’s finale episode!

The stage is set for what’s sure to be one of the more drama-filled Housewives (of any locole) finales you’ve ever seen now that the sinister-looking Angelo has made his presence known … with a little help from Kim D. Strange how whenever she appears, so does all sorts of pot-stirring, no? Alas, Angelo appeared claiming Melissa Gorga used to strip at a club he worked at, which made Teresa Giudice a bit uncomfortable at the salon. Little did she know (or did she?) that Angelo would be at Kim’s Posche fashion show with plans to have a bit of a reunion with Melissa.

Was it a set-up? Did Teresa know, or was her warning to Melissa in the bathroom the real deal? You’ll have to wait until the finale to find out how the insane night ended, but here’s what the key players from the episode were saying last night while watching along with you all:

Melissa’s none-too-surprised that when Kim is around, ridiculous things happen. Still, Mel’s not buying that she was the lone soul behind Angelo’s appearance.

Melissa GorgaHmmm.. Kim D doesn’t have enough reason to want to do this to me… Maybe someone made her do it…
Melissa Gorga1 episode left… Then you will all have your answers..


Kim was on fire on Twitter during the episode, and while answering fan questions and taking some jabs at Melissa, she made this proclamation:

Kim DePaolaNever hold back what u want to say as long as u r ready to face the consequences of your words!! 

Meantime, Teresa stayed out of the fray, opting instead to stay quiet and tweet this pic of Dina Manzo:

Teresa GiudiceWith godparents John & Dina

As you’ll see next week, Joe Gorga was not very happy (those are the kindest words possible) with the Posche show shenanigans, and Angelo might not be his favorite person in the world.

Joe GorgaI wish I was There with Angelo I would of given him a big kiss! LOL

Jacqueline Laurita, who seemed to know something was coming at the show, thinks the finalewill bring clarity to the whole scenario:

Jacqueline LauritaAll I can say is….pay attention to the sub titles in next episode and people that forget they are still mic’d. ;0)


Caroline Manzo kept things short and sweet:

Caroline Manzo You guys ready? Finale part one coming up soon – it’s a doozy

And because some comedic relief is always a good thing to cut the tension, Albie Manzo wrapped things up pretty perfectly:

Albie Manzo Going for a run then . I haven’t seen this one yet, heard its the one where a bunch of women argue. Should be a nice change of pace.

Do you think Teresa was involved in the set-up, or was this the work of a lone gunman by the name of Kim D? Comment below!


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