Jacqueline Laurita stirs the pot!

17 Sep

In this exclusive clip from next week’s explosive finale of RHONJ, Jacqueline Laurita effectively stirs the pot to the point of boiling over at the Posche Fashion show. She gets a “text” from a bravo producer friend who tells her that the salon incident was staged and Teresa, Kim and Angelo (the bald guy) were laughing about how they were going to set up and embarass Melissa. Clearly, watching the episode, we see this is not the case and Teresa was genuinely upset/surprised. But Jacqueline has to get involved and tells Melissa…thus igniting the stippergate of 2011.

Check it out here:

Caroline calls it Jac’s a-ha moment. Yup…its my a-ha moment too. I am now aware that Jacqueline is a moron who believed idle gossip (which was wrong!!!) and ignited a storm that is now beyond repair. Teresa felt setup herself, and in frustration, accuses Jacqueline…who then goes off on one of her tirades. Seems everyone else can get pissed and make accusations and insults…but if Teresa does, she is “scum”. SMH…


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