Tamra Barney says Alexis was FIRED!

18 Sep

Meow! Earlier today, Alexis Bellino announced that she quit RHOC because she was tired of being bullied and wanted her normal life back. Naturally, Tamra countered back on Twitter by implying that Alexis was FIRED. According to RadarOnine:

The claws are out!

With news that Alexis Bellino is leaving the hit Bravo show Real Housewives of Orange County, her enemy and co-star Tamra Barneyhas come out swinging alleging that Alexis is lying about her reasons for leaving the show.

“let’s just say the story I read and what I was told does not match,” Tamra wrote on her Twitter account Tuesday morning.

“in my opinion her story is never straight!”

As RadarOnline.com exclusively reported, a source close to Alexis says she’s just tired ofthe drama and booze-fueled catfights on the show and wants to live a normal life.

“She wants to have a normal life with her family, and that doesn’t include all the dramathat comes with being on the show,” the insider revealed.

“Alexis knows that her children are the most important thing in her life, not being famous or being on television, so she made the decision to not be on the show and to return to her regular life.”

But Tamra isn’t buying it.

“not the same story I was told …let’s keep it at that,” Tamra wrote in reaction to Alexis leaving the show.

“who leaves a successful show?”

Not sure who to believe here. It all wreaks of the Danielle Staub quit/fired dilemma. Bravo will never comment, so it looks like we may never know how/why Alexis is leaving.


One Response to “Tamra Barney says Alexis was FIRED!”

  1. lee November 23, 2012 at 11:37 am #

    Tamra Barney –isn’t buying Alex’s story about why she is leaving the show. Who give’s a rats a** about what Tamra Barney thinks. She’s an immature self serving dumb ass with a penchant for going on about how classless some of the other housewives are. Meanwhile wasn’t she the one that threw a glass of wine on Jeana in public? Putting another man’s hands on her boobs? Wow she’s got class-NOT! I heard Tamra’s name in a sentence that I heard the other day, “There’s no life like low life” Tamra? You would know. Now go get yourself a book on etiquette read it once maybe twice–and after you do that? You just might (might) be able to call other people classless–.

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