Season 5 RHONJ Scoop! Will Melissa be back?

19 Sep

Melissa Gorga tells Us Weekly she isn’t “ready” to be in the same room as her sister in law Teresa Giudice. Then maybe she won’t be on next season, as we are hearing Teresa was first to sign her contract for season 5! Thank you, Jesus! Hoping our source is correct on this one!!

Things between Melissa and Teresa seem to be broken beyond repair. While it isn’t much of a loss for them, it surely will be for Teresa and her brother, Joe Gorga. Especially hurt in this will be the innocents such as Mr. & Mrs. Gorga who will inevitably be put in the middle between their children….and the Guidice/Gorga children who absolutely love each other. Melissa is going on a defense spree (which naturally means she has to bash Teresa while proclaiming she was never a stripper). According to RadarOnline:

Reality stars Melissa Gorga and Teresa Guidice have had a well-documented rocky road, and it’s about to get even rockier, as the 33-year-old Melissa proclaims her sister-in-law has “fooled [her] for the last time” after trying to expose a stripper past that she says didn’t exist.

On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa and friend Kim DePaola confront Melissa with backup from Angelo Vrohdis, a former manager of the Elizabeth, New Jersey strip joint, Looker’s Gentlemen Club.

The sexy Melissa, who bartended at the establishment in 2003, compared Teresa’s “vindictive and disgusting” turn on her to “a knife in the back.”

Melissa said she believes Teresa tried to make her look bad in a possible attempt to hurt her marriage, or simply soothe her own insecurities by spreading her misery around.  She’s “a sick individual,” Melissa said of Teresa. “It’s even sicker that she would put this on national TV.”

Melissa said Teresa has a penchant to not take the heat for dust-ups she creates “because she never wants to be the once who looks bad.”

Melissa said that while the show’s finale was filmed last year, she was sickened watching the incident unfold again recently,  adding that “it makes [her] skin crawl.”

She added that Teresa’s partners-in-crime in this incident — DePaola and Vrohdis — were planted to lend Teresa credibility. (Melissa says “no nudity” was on display at Looker’s, “which was not even a strip club,” as dancers wore bikinis and lap dances were not given at the venue.)

Melissa, who has three kids with Teresa’s brother Joe (Antonia 7, Gino, 5, and Joey, 2), said she had hoped a second try at a friendship with Teresa would take, as she wants her kids and the Giudice children to bond.

Melissa said the falling-out has been especially difficult in her husband Joe, who’s “so sick and tired of her bashing us.”

Melissa said in the wake of the ambush, she and Joe brooded at home, brokenhearted: “I said, ‘Did this really just happen? I was crying. His eyes teared up and he said, ‘I don’t know what’s happened to Teresa.”

Melissa told US magazine she’s not even “ready to be in the same room with” her sister-in-law these days. “I’m seriously not ready.”

Melissa is correct…in establishments serving alcohol it is illegal to strip in NJ. Since we know Lookers did in fact serve alcohol, it is not possible for Melissa to have been a stripper. She does however, never deny being a “dancer” bikini or otherwise. While I don’t proclaim to know anything about what Lookers did with their business, I do know that certain establishments did not always follow the law in New Jersey…Regardless, I think Melissa should have some proof before casting a stone. I did enjoy the bit about her and Joe crying and tearing up…nice touch, martyr.


2 Responses to “Season 5 RHONJ Scoop! Will Melissa be back?”

  1. Lee September 19, 2012 at 7:11 pm #

    She set up and embarressed T when she talked to Danielle and she has the nerve to be mad that she was set up. I believe it was the producers who set her and Teresa.

  2. rushinwater September 20, 2012 at 1:04 am #

    Please tell me which episode Tre called Mel a stripper?I have found where everyone says she did but those are their words not Tre`s.She has always said the rumor was about Mel being a dancer.The only one set up was Tre and her husband and girls.Every attempt to make them look bad and I do not buy it.

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