The Real Hypocrite of New Jersey

19 Sep

I try to remain objective, I really do. I call it like I see it, and this being a blog, I do state opinions. But sometimes I just can’t let the hypocrisy go.  Let’s look at a few of the reasons why I think Melissa Gorga is a famewhore hypocrite.

Let’s take a look at Teresa’s covers. She was accused of having a seven cover deal but Carolione. I count 11 out there, but whatever. Teresa’s stories are about her, her kids and her husband. She has stated many times that the tabloids were going to run the stories on her marriage, finances, family with or without her, so she opted to pose for the pictures and give some quotes. The quotes about her extended family and costars were DIRECT FROM THE SHOW, not from Teresa’s mouth. Teresa never dedicated an entire cover to Melissa and bashing her. Which brings us to:

HOLD THE BEDAZZLED INITIAL PHONE! Melissa Gorga is about to experience Caroline Manzo’s wrath. She posed for a magazine cover and bashed her family/costar in it. That is a mortal sin. Or is it only a sin when Teresa does it? Just because Melissa chooses to use US Weekly as her bitch outlet doesn’t make it any more different than Teresa’s magazine of choice being In Touch.

I get that Melissa needed to defend herself against the absolutely horrible and malicious revelation lies that infer she was a stripper in her pre-Gorga days. But did she need to take down her sister in law in the process? Couldn’t she just have proved that Angelo was a liar? Nope…she had to publicly and purposefully call out her brother’s sister…something Teresa has been condemned for all season.

And it should be noted that Melissa would never ever grace a magazine cover without mentioning/bashing  Teresa. Jesus himself knows it won’t be for her skyrocketing music career. Acting abilities pending.

One could say (and most of the housewives and overprotective-annoying sisters) Melissa was merely defending herself when putting this story out, while Teresa’s stories came out at a time when they were supposed to be patching things up. But let’s not forget that Teresa’s covers were never about Melissa. And Teresa only recently found out about the year long communication between Danielle Staub and Melissa before Melissa got on the show. Allegedly, Melissa was feeding information to Danielle for all of season 2 in an effort to “take Teresa down”. Teresa only found out about it as season 3 was airing (and season 4 was being taped). This is a time when everyone was supposed to be patching things up…yet Teresa is seeing her family bash her from their very first episode (“We pay our bills” anyone??). Finding all of this out, whether it was a year before or not had to upset and anger Teresa, causing her to give a snippy quote here and there to a magazine (not a whole cover story though).

Trace back Melissa’s cover to Teresa setting her up (which I do not believe happened). Trace Teresa setting her up to Melissa feeding Danielle info. What can we trace that back to? Why would Melissa do that? How on earth do you justify that? Oh, right. I remember.


Yup…that is reason enough to hate her and plot to take her down. If Melissa thinks Teresa tried to destroy her family she should take a look at the things she herself did to destroy Teresa. Starting with becoming a Gorga in the first place…


10 Responses to “The Real Hypocrite of New Jersey”

  1. ANGEL September 19, 2012 at 1:40 pm #

    You go!! Agree, you got it right! It is so obvious Mel always wanted fame. Probably the reason she worked at Lookers in any capacity. She is very confident in herself and wanted to meet someone as first step to fame.She also had always been jealous of Teresa. When Tre signed with RHONJ, she and Joe thought they would get major screen time. Tre did not share – it became war. Joe Go would destroy family th make his wife populas. She boosts the ego of the lil banty rooster. The Wakilis – same story.

  2. kelsey September 19, 2012 at 1:47 pm #

    alls fair in love and war and rhonj…

  3. rushinwater September 20, 2012 at 2:19 am #

    I am just relieved to see it in print.I am not the only one who has faith in Teresa!The thing I love about Tre is having watched her grow these past 4 years.Reruns are like home movies to me when it comes to her.The first time I saw her she was chasing someone through fundraiser or something and I was hooked.There is the adorable one of her flipping the table,reminds me of my granddaughter,she used to blow up too.The best was watching her toss Andy around like a rag doll.Loved it.The best part is the fact that our little Teresa`s has grown into a very lovely lady.She feels with her heart and that is what gets her hurt.I admire the woman she has become.That is what is killing her castmates.TEAM TERESA ALL THE WAY!

  4. Detroit's Chi Chi September 20, 2012 at 2:05 pm #

    All the ladies on the RHWONJ needs to be gone off the show. But not TERESA!! She is a wonderful person, maybe she should have told Melissa about that ugly boy saying what he said. It was too funny to see Melissa face and the guy was like “Hi Melissa”. Then the conversation between the two ladies when Melissa was like “I’m calling your brother.” My thing is how could someone set you up. When in fact you did dance for that man. A set up is if she never dance before and Teresa had the guy to lie about it. Nothing never stay in the dark once you go on tv and trying to be a star the real HATERS will come after you.

  5. Sarah Burns September 21, 2012 at 3:35 am #

    Teresa and Joe Guidice built the home of their dreams, knowing all along that they could not afford it. Joe’s salary was obviously not enough to live in a mansion. Teresa had no income at that time (only her Housewives pay). None of this made any sense to me. Until I realized what they were actually doing. It is called “Bankruptcy Planning”. Pile up as much credit as possible and screw the system. The “system” did not get screwed, it was the taxpayers. Luckily for them, President Obama had bailed out the banks. His intention was to help hard-working people who had lost jobs during the recession, not people who abuse the system. To offset the major financial crisis they created for themselves, Teresa sold out her own family to the tabloids for several thousands of dollars (some of which, she did not claim in her bankruptcy report). It’s very sad to see people like this hurt the hard-working Americans who lost everything in this recession. The Guidice’s are the lowest form of human life and deserve whatever they have coming to them. They might get off legally, But someday, they will have to answer to a higher power.

    • Bethie September 21, 2012 at 11:18 am #

      How can you say it was obvious that Joe and Teresa couldn’t afford the house of their dreams on Joe’s salary when, Joe Gorga, is in the exact same business and position – with a wife who is unemployed – and they’ve built the house of their dreams? You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. How did Teresa sell out her family? There was nothing printed in a tabloid that wasn’t already publicized on the show, and/ or twitter. Did you read any of the Gorga’s interviews before and after season three? They spoke horribly about Teresa. I haven’t read one interview anywhere where Joe and Melissa were ran down the way they ran down Teresa. And If they did that to Teresa for free, then they are not only assho*es and hypocrites, they are also stupid. Why is it everyone forgets what the other cast members have done? They’ve all had their financial difficulties. Not because they intended to scam the government, but because they wanted to keep up appearances for TV. (Even Caroline admits that’s where Joe went wrong)
      They’ve all set someone up to keep the drama going for the show. That is their JOB! Everyone’s replaceable, as that hefty dance teacher shouts on a regular basis, and it’s the truth. The cast of the hw franchise knows it’s true for them as well. Are you forgetting what Caroline did to Danielle? Or does Danielle’s life not matter because she has no family to defend her on national TV? Or perhaps, her lack of charisma makes it easy to forget she has two children to support who were also affected by Caroline’s decision to expose her on the show. It would seem that 80% of viewers are as hypocritical as the cast of NJ housewives. If you’re gonna judge one, judge them all. It’s so sad to watch adult women choose a side while spewing out reasons that could fit any one of the cast members. It really is sad. Teresa is real. That’s why I like her. She shows every side of herself, the good, the bad, the ugly. Melissa is as phony as a two-dollar bill. She has a PR person telling her exactly how to behave on camera. If that isn’t obvious to the average viewer (which I think it is), then you should read twitter. Melissa is not who you see on camera. She is not the Melissa we saw last season. Furthermore, if you have a cast of 4 women (not adding Kathy to the mix just yet) who behave exactly the same, why on earth do you feel the need to pick on one? It’s like watching two suicide-bombers go after each other. Would you really root for one to win? In that case you probably root for both to win, but you see my point. They are equals. And it’s not like we’ve seen enough of Melissa or Kathy to really know their character as of yet. What we know for a fact is – It took Teresa 10 months to sign the contract for Bravo. She was absolutely terrified by the idea of her life being aired on TV, she feared what that commitment would do to her family. So she waited to see what happened after filming season one before she signed the contract. That’s a fact. Bravo pursued her. Meanwhile, Kathy and Melissa chased the show down knowing full well they would destroy what was left of their family. Melissa wanted to join Danielle in filming season 2, like Kim G, did so she could start destroying her family then. So please, don’t try an say Teresa is the bad apple in this bunch. Actions speak louder than words, and I am talking about the actions we actually know to be a fact, not those we hear rumor about but never actually witness. Rumors are nasty. Rumors are usually lies.

      • storm915 September 24, 2012 at 3:36 pm #

        BULLSHITO to your so called unbiased views, you even said yourself that you are biased toward TreApe…so why come with that crap now. Be a woman and say that no matter what anyone say, you will always defend and veer toward Teresa….now that would be an honest statement!

        • realhousewiveslives September 24, 2012 at 8:27 pm #

          I do not always defend Teresa…I always say when she is wrong. I just don’t happen to think she is recently..I think she is motivated by anger and rightfully so. This is a blog, which by definition is opinion. Its not a news site, its a blog. I am entitled to my opinion and I stand behind it. If Teresa did something wrong I will be the first to say, but my OPINION is that she is reacting to what has been thrown at her. Don’t agree? No problem. Don’t like it? Don’t read…

  6. storm915 September 24, 2012 at 3:38 pm #

    That last comment was to the site owner, not to you Bethie….

  7. Anonymous October 2, 2012 at 10:41 pm #

    I feel sorry for Theresa, they are all such hypocrites. and the way they attack her and gang up on her is like nothing I have ever seen. They are all so gross in their behavior, its so hard to watch. Theresa is about the only one that doesn’t annoy the hell out of me. These people attack her for no reason…so what if she makes stupid comments here and there and she does some ditzy things, my God they go after her like bulls….they are gross

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