An inside LOOK at Lookers Gentleman’s Club

24 Sep

Let me start by making this clear. I 150000000% do not care if Melissa Gorga was a stripper, dancer, bar maid, wench, fry girl etc. We do however care that she may or may not be lying about it and blaming Teresa for a setup that may or may not have happened.

She was not a stripper. That term is wrong. In New Jersey, you cannot show nudity if there is alcohol served. It is however not a bikini bar..its a go-go bar. The girls dance scantily clad and even some of the bartenders get in on the action. There is also a back room. While we cannot confirm what Melissa did there, nor do we care, perpetuating that this is a bikini bar she worked at for a week is incorrect.

And just an FYI…the girl has got an AMAZING body!

Let’s just look at some of the facts and you can decide who is telling the truth and who is a wee bit scared.

Here is Melissa at field day. Shorts, t-shirt, sneakers. The type of outfit she says (On Wendy Williams) that she wore while bartending:


Now let’s take a look at the girls who work at Lookers, per the companies Facebook Page:

That is one of the more tame photos. No joke. Its in an album labeled “Our Girls”.

Let’s see the bar area, where servers would pour drinks:

Looks like a lot of “poles” to me. Certainly not a bikini bar.

And here is one of the private areas, where I am sure NO touching or lap dancing occurs:

Just take a look for yourself. There are hundreds more photos, which I refuse to post and are NOT suitable for work.

Melissa also says she worked there for “like a week”. Try much longer. Here are pay stubs obtained by All About the Real Housewives that Melissa’s lawyer sent to them. Much longer than a week…

Google some reviews for Lookers and you will see a wide variety of what people say goes on there. I am not linking to the sites…they have some pornish pics in the sidebars and I don’t want that anywhere near my blog. You’ve been warned.  I tried to make my husband go for me to do research, but he said no. I kid, I kid. But the place does get some good reviews as far as go-go bars go and most reviews concur that some pretty hot girls worked there years ago.

All in all, I have no idea or proof of anything Melissa did while working there. But we did want to point out…Lookers is a GO-GO bar, not a bikini bar. Things do happen there and there is a private area and back room, but again this does not confirm anything Melissa herself  did. Just wanted to point out she is less than forthcoming about the atmosphere and how long she worked there. If shes lying about that part…

Now as far as Teresa is concerned…if you hated your sister in law and found her to be a holier than thou fake person..would you use this against her? Do you think Teresa did? Does Teresa have a point? Or is she just reaching?

P.S. Nothing wrong with exotic dancing…everyone has to pay the bulls somehow, right?



2 Responses to “An inside LOOK at Lookers Gentleman’s Club”

  1. WhiteTrashGal September 25, 2012 at 2:03 pm #

    So now it’s down to splitting hairs over was it a “bikini” or “go-go” bar? I had no idea there was a difference. I don’t know what lie Melissa told about this, though; clearly the accusation is she said “bikini”; so that’s got to be a wholesome, church girl business where people don’t get drunk or go to see women’s bodies or engage in anything sexual. Unlike a “go-go” bar, where they do. Right. And yeah, who cares?

    Oh wait. People care. They’re throwing down over it! St. Tre of the Juicy Joe vs Mel the Bro Ho! Bring it, bishes!

    Let’s split some more hairs to pretend that this entire finale wasn’t ONE OF HOW MANY END OF SEASON STAGED FIGHTS NOW? I saw so much bad acting with obvious set-ups, I am shocked people believe this was real. The cast was ALL wearing microphones. Hello?

    Never mind. I’m going to talk to hubs’ potato sack, ET.

    • realhousewiveslives September 25, 2012 at 11:44 pm #

      I agree a lot of staging went on…but when you see Teresa hysterically cry at the reunion, its so painfully real that we know one thing for certain- that family is irrevocally destroyed.

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