BLIND ITEM: Guess the Housewife!

24 Sep

Blind item posted this juicy nugget today. Sounds suspiciously like some of the rumors floating around about RHONJ. Do you agree?


[Blind Gossip] This popular reality show had to fire one of its producers because of a “conflict of interest”. The producer kept interfering in established storylines to set up one of the cast members to look bad. Why would the producer do that? Well, it’s not just because they personally didn’t like the cast member. It’s because they were having a affair with the cast member’s nemesis! The nemesis is desperate for fame and will do anything – anything – to boost her popularity and her own storylines. Even more startling is the fact that both the producer and the nemesis are women!  Maybe they could introduce a lesbian affair storyline for her next season.

Well? Most of the responses have guessed Melissa Gorga as the nemesis who had a close relationship with the producer (rumored to be named Kat). BlindGossip is one of the most reliable blind sites in the world…they spoiled TomKat’s divorce to the day and even broke KStew’s cheating scandal before the photos even came out!

What say you followers?


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