Teresa fights back! Posts her text from Jacqueline!!!

28 Sep

Oh my my this is thoroughly amazing! Check out this post, from teresagiudice.com where Teresa calls out Jacqueline, says she is not suing anyone, and posts screen shots of her bizarro texts from Jacqueline!!! To quote Jac “I guess whats good for the goose is good for the gander…” Bet she wishes she didn’t say that, huh? From Teresa:

DateFriday, September 28, 2012 at 11:56AM

I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for your support. I am blown away! I don’t want anyone to get in a Twitter war or be mean to anyone (that’s why I don’t tweet mean comments myself or even RT mean comments people send me about my family or cast members), but I really do appreciate all of the honest love and support.

I thought taping the Reunion was bad enough, but the crazy accusations being thrown at me this week are insane. You know I don’t usually comment on rumors about me but when a lie comes right out of a cast member’s mouth and involves our children, I cannot sit back. So yes, I did give a statement to AOL about Melissa’s “roughing her up” story: http://huff.to/SICJkp And no, I’m not suing anyone, I’m not about that. 

I also never said I was going to sue Jacqueline or that she “threatened” me over text. I got flustered and frustrated on a live TV show and said I was thinking about going to the cops over her crazy texts. I never wanted to talk about the texts at all, but she told Anderson Cooper when she was on his show that I didn’t “reach out” to her about Nicholas’ autism. That led to horrible stories about how mean I am, but I ignored them because I knew it wasn’t true. Then I went on his show and he questioned me about it and the story got bigger…

So I want to clear it up directly with you, right here, right now. Here’s the thing: Jacqueline’s big “reveal” about Nicholas wasn’t news to me — I knew like the other Housewives did during the season. And I supported her through it all for months in person. She asked me not to talk about it on camera, and even though I was asked to, I did not.

When she decided to announce it to the public in People magazine, she had a business associate call to tell me. I guess because she was afraid she’d seem hypocritical for going after me all season for putting my family in magazines. I told the woman on the phone to please relay my good wishes to Jacqueline and Nicholas. I did also wish her well via text. I guess Jacqueline admitted that in a statement Anderson read to me yesterday, but said it wasn’t enough. I’m sorry, I don’t know what I else I can do. I was there in person, I respected her wishes, I wished her well twice…

I don’t know why but Jacqueline put up a few of her texts between us on Twitter and now they are news stories… I’m sick of this whole thing, physically sick, but I want you to have the entire story, so here are all of the texts. Draw your own conclusions. I haven’t deleted any texts from me–I usually just ignore them but they keep on coming! I did black out the names of other people though b/c I don’t think they deserve to be dragged into this. They are people we both know or people I used to work with or know that I didn’t know Jacqueline knew. She last contacted me last Friday at 1 in the morning, and yes, it does give me the chills, and yes, I wish she would stop.

I haven’t contacted her back and I won’t because I really do want this to end. I truly wish her and her son and her whole family nothing but the best! I don’t want any of my fans to bash Jacqueline or her mother or nieces or whoever else on Twitter. Believe me, I feel your support and I know you feel my frustration. Instead maybe just say a prayer for all of us. xx 

BAM!!! Jacqueline Laurita is officially crazy pants. Who wants to take bets on when she will enter rehab? These texts are viscious, nasty and just plain weird. A lot different from the ones Jac tweeted the other day, dontcha think?


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