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Joanna Krupa on Teresa Giudice: She hits below the belt

19 Oct

Guess Joanna Krupa, of Real Housewives of Miami didn’t get the memo. In her quest to get recognized despite her ailing show, she takes a few shots at Teresa Giudice, not realizing that Teresa’s fans (who outweigh hers I am sure) will now turn on her. She told RadarOnline in an exclusive interview: Continue reading


Batch o’ Blind Items! Guess the Housewife!!

19 Oct

We get tons of scoops that I don’t even post because they are so obviously made up or unsubstantiated gossip. However, sometimes, we get some really good ones, from reliable sources who wish to remain anonymous. So scandalous or confidential are the subject that we make them “blind”. It avoids lawsuits but also makes it fun for you all to guess. Look for clues to the answer in the wording and/or picture attached. But remember…some are easy, some are hard, but all are FUN! Take a guess below…any housewife, any franchise. GO! Continue reading

Dina Manzo speaks! Says Teresa had NOTHING to do with family issues

16 Oct

Dina Manzo, ever the classy lady took to her personal blog to finally (or once again depending on how you look at it) clear the air about the last few episodes of RHONJ, her family issues, Teresa and bullying. Dina says:

A lot of you are wondering why in the world I would film with Teresa after staying away from the housewives for so long. Let me first say that I’ve gone to every single one of Teresa’s parties that I’ve been invited to, most of which the cameras were NOT rolling.  When Teresa asked me to attend the fabellini launch my first question was “will there be cameras there?” She said yes, but you can come after they leave”…as I have done in the past. But that’s not where it ended…

(What most of you don’t know and you can choose to believe this or not, but up until the night of the deck debacle and Teresa showed up at my doorstep crying, I had no idea that she was even fighting with Caroline and Jacqueline, that’s how much I stayed out of that bullshit and even after that night I had no idea of the extent of the hate until I watched it live with all of you)
Now back to the fabalini launch…I showed up 2  1/2 hours late hoping the cameras would already be gone (I know that it was naive of me) I was promised that I didn’t have to be mic’d at first, just show that I was there to support Teresa. When I arrived one of the producers took me aside and explained to me that Teresa was really taking a beating this season and needed some much needed “on air” support. As a friend I felt bad for her, as a human being I never like to see anyone standing alone (I was always that girl in the lunch room who went to sit with the loner in the corner of the cafeteria) It is also why I was so quick to forgive Danielle at the reunion. I don’t like when Everyone is against one person and I certainly don’t like to see this happen to someone I care about.
Teresa has always supported me and has especially always supported Project Ladybug. She has come to every charity event I have ever asked her to and never complained taking this time out of her crazy schedule to help me. At the time I was even under the impression she was doing celebrity apprentice for ladybug. In the end she chose another worthy foundation, was I disappointed at first??? Absolutely, but she explained to me how she met this beautiful little boy with a rare disease and it really hit home for her. Now how can I be mad at her for helping a sick child? I was proud of her for giving a foundation that i was told had no prior national exposure a platform. BUT I would be lying if I also didn’t feel a bit obligated to be there for her “on air” too because of this. I would cut off my right bubbie for these kids and one quick scene on housewives didn’t seem that bad at the time…Boy was I wrong, do not mix booze with raw emotions…let me first explain that 90% of our convo was about her brother and Melissa. That is where the “blood is thicker than water” comment came in. Think about it, does it make sense that Teresa would bring that up about her and Caroline’s relationship?? You guys are smarter than that…
Now from my understanding this scene was shot AFTER even the reunion and things with her brother was worse than ever. I was explaining to Teresa that blood is NOT always thicker than water when her brother has to get in bed with his WIFE every night and not her….and we all know (unfortunately) about Joe Gorga’s poison. Water wins in this case every time! TRUST MESo here I am giving Teresa advice to just give her brother his space then she brings up my sister…did you see the look on my face? I was pissed but before you go getting mad at T I’m sure the producers convinced her this was a good idea, I could be mad at her but I understand the position she was in. I also understood via text from Jacqueline that I was a topic of not only season 3′s reunion that was just filmed but throughout season 4 as well. A part of me felt I should say my peace and I was pissed I was even brought up, I don’t know who did it and at this point I don’t even care.I had also had a few fabellinis on an empty stomach after a LONG day of shooting for HGTV and there was a lot of hurt off camera with my family who is on the show.  So I went ahead and said how I felt about the joke in the book. Do I regret talking about it on camera? Was it wrong of me?? Yes yes yes… But it’s done and I can’t take it back. I should have walked away but I didn’t. I do feel that this book nonsense is all that -nonsense…but I regret talking about it on film. Ok… It’s now Sunday night, I wrote this before I saw the last reunion tonight…I still feel the same about regretting filming but I DO NOT feel bad about defending Teresa, I know what it’s like to be on the other end of an attack like this and I don’t think it’s cool. She had nothing to do with my issues with my family in fact as I said before my issues stem back all the way from season 1. Teresa and the girls were buddy buddy up until last year, so please stop saying I chose her over my family…it’s really annoying. I would also like to say that I have 11 siblings…my family does not consist of just who is on this show and yes I do talk to the other 9 and I’m quite close to many of them and my parents. So enough with thinking I will die alone please…
I will publicly say I think they ALL handled this wrong…I begged some of the players (I won’t go into who) to just respond with kindness and all this will end. But I understand how emotions can get the best of you…they did tonight after I watched the show. I do wish all this could end, I don’t like seeing people especially WOMEN fight like this. If you can’t get along with someone or you feel that they just don’t like you…JUST STAY AWAY. Well at least that’s what works for me, you can completely FORGIVE people for how they treated you but it doesn’t mean you have to go back for more. Do you guys get it??? Thanks for listening~ Peace out
I wish they would stop blaming Teresa for their family feud. You can blame her for a lot but this? Its directly from Dina’s mouth that she has NOTHING to do with it (we hear its business issues and lack of familial support when Dina had to quit the show). Maybe Caroline, Jacqueline and even Chris will stop blaming Teresa and acting like they love Dina SO much.

SHOCKING PHOTOS! Adrienne Maloof beaten and bruised!

15 Oct

Adrienne Maloof’s chef, Bernie Guzman went on a facebook rant today. Seems he is accusing “someone” of physically harming Adrienne, and he has photos to “prove” it.

Bernie said: “Now you know….Everyone else needs to know. Its a secret I have kept…he must be stopped. IF I DON’T SPEAK OF KNOWLEDGE..DEATH IS CREEPING. HE IS TRYING TO STOP THESE PICTURES FROM GOING OUT. We can”t let him get away with this abuse. Now you know….Everyone else needs to know. Its a secret I have kept…he must be stopped. Adrienne did not put me up to this….I feel everyone needs to know.I’m sure she will be relieved everyone knows. Perhaps someone should TWEET THESE PICS. I think ANDY & BRAVO should know. ADRIENNE MALOOF WAS PUSHED TO THE GROUND.

He then released these photos. He never mentions a name of who did this, as I will not, as nothing can be proven. Here are the shocking photos of a battered and bruised Adrienne.

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

I don’t even know what to make of this. I would never ever call a woman a liar if she is being abused. And I would never accuse a man of such without any proof. And why would her chef post these? Its confusing, disturbing and incredibly sad. Its like a more classy version of Taylor’s drama…

Teresa’s Twitter Bitch Slap

9 Oct

Teresa Giudice is fighting back. And using all of us to do it. Below is her Bravo Blog. A delicious diatribe featuring the fans comments during the show. Its Teresa’s way of saying, no matter how Jac spins it, we DO GET IT!! Kinda sad we didn’t make the cut though. I thought our comments were pretty inspiring…;-)

@ArleneTomasetti So far tonight we have heard @carolinemanzo &@kathywakile speak of fans as crazies. But they like the paychecks we generate!

Everyone was twittering about the reunion last night from Jersey Shore Deena to Eva Longoriaand Glamour magazine! So I went through my Twitter timeline and pulled out the comments that best say what I would say. And I put them in little categories to make it easier for Melissa and Lauren and all the other ladies to read and save for the next reunion.

Oh, and in honor of reformed bully Perez Hilton, who I got to see at his last performance ofNewsical with Dina this week, I’ve written captions on some of the photos from the reunion. Enjoy!

@AllAboutTRH Damn, I wish I could take over Teresa’s body and talk for her. I’d set everyone straight

@plainviewsue The problem is Tre gets very overwhelmed & cant express herself. Other ladies take advantage.

@jeleanne3 you know what…its effing HARD being teamed up on by 4 women. I give you credit Teresa you are strong.

@DebbieCaplanPR After watching these Women conspire against Teresa 2yrs, I’d be out of my mind as well. Shame on them.

@BayneeG U did a great job last night while being attacked by 2 ex friends and 3 family members. Wow! Ur my hero.

@OfficialHopeK Proud of Teresa for regretting her treatment of Danielle

@s_bonoan love you T! I stand by you 100%! Wish I could sit on the couch next to you and fight those bitches with you.

Thank you! Here’s your chance! Starting now, at the top:


@RealityTVBits Don Caro needs instance where she bullied Teresa? Here’s 2: Hot tub/vacation scene & the scene on Wacko Jac-O’s deck&Caro popped up

@collins328 Caroline, let me answer for Teresa: You have bullied, backstabbed, and betrayed T all season n u turned Jac against her

@AllAboutTRH CAROLINE-you bashed Teresa THE WHOLE DAMN SEASON! You spoke badly about her every single episode

@RealityTVBliss Why is Caroline giving family advice to Teresa about 15 min of fame & family while she is on the outs with her family?

@plainviewsue How dare Caro tell Tre she will be all alone. Half of Caro’s siblings don’t talk to her

@uarethequeen Caroline, were you sad that dina was on the show talking about you? were you disgusted? NOW YOU KNOW HOW TERESA feels (just times 1000)

@JuIieB Dina was on 1 episode. Teresa’s family have been on 4 TWO seasons. Ur hurt because of a 60 sec. clip? #EnoughAlready

@Chuck_84 COME ON!! Caroline, all due respect. Melissa came on hating Teresa. Dina and Teresa were friends for ages! #different

@QuantumLeaper12 Caroline miserable miserable in her life, she has to blame Teresa 4 problems with her siblings. Problems existed long b4 TG came along.

@AngiGrrrl Teresa, I do think you were a victim of editing to a certain extent because you are sitting next to Caroline Manzo and aren’t dead.


@HouswivesHodown I just like that Joe Giudice seems like the only one who doesn’t change when the cameras come around lol.

@realilanaangel If Juicy cheated those bitches would have sold their stories to the Enquirer by now. Give it up Jac you pathetic cow.

@LindsNitz LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Joe told Jacqueline to go have her head examined. & Told Melissa to shut up. LMAO LOVE #RHONJ


First, from Kathy herself:

@KathyWakile: Yeh @RosiePierri that just burns her ass !! #unbreakable !!!”

@jenbradleylopez They are bragging they are unbreakable when they played a hand in tearing Joe&Teresa (bro&sis) apart.

@Jhariss_225 Finally get to see the REAL Kathy Wakile. And this bish is not all sprinkles & pound cake. More so like devil’s food.

@NeNeLeakes Didn’t Kathy bring up Teresa’s father first? I’m just tryin 2 understand chile

@Real_Housewives Kathy: “Tre’s mom is a liar & father a coward” …. So Tre wasn’t supposed to get upset about that? Those are fighting words

@Brindle_Girly Why couldn’t Rosie come out to her niece and nephew until recently? That makes no sense…other than Kathy did not accept her being gay.

@realilanaangel I’m guessing Kathy was a bitch when Rosie came out.

@highpitchmike Rosie, the threats of violence are sickening. No matter what is said… A step backwards for the LGBT community

@Tyga1985 Happy to see the real Kathy in all her glory. I was a fan b4 but not anymore. I think she tricked us the most.

@JuIieB The only reason Kathy apologized 4calling Teresa’s mother a liar was because Andy said 2 leave the moms out of it.

@GregsLooseHole Only Katfish would apologize & say is that too much for u to understand. #JACKHOLE With family like that, I’d ask Santa to be orphan


@jaymohr37 For the record @melissagorga tonight told me to blog negative things about @Teresa_Giudice books and businesses. #fact #sad

@AllAboutTRH Forget singing! Melissa sure can ACT! Did you see her try her hardest to tear up?

@NicoleSchinelli CANNOT believe Melissa jus said she’s movin bc she doesnt want her kids going2school w/ their cousins! SICKENING!

@plainviewsue Apparently, they wouldnt even be in the same school. I thought what Melissa said about her nieces was disgusting.

@RHONJRanter Melissa giving that BULLS— excuse as to why she’s moving. No, whore, you’re moving because you owe $2million.

@jenbradleylopez Tre has said it before,Melissa uses the kids against Teresa.She did it last night fake tears doesnt want T’s kids to gang up on Antonia?WOW

@jenbradleylopez Melissa doesnt want her kids to go to school with Teresa’s?Ur the shoplifting,lesbian,ex stripper with a warrant,wat r u worried about?

@realilanaangel Strippers are people too! So are whores! Bless them all.

@khyliek she sat last week and allowed kathy to rip apart her in laws that she soooo loves and her neice makes me angry

@lukemckibben people are so one sided. Did u see How melissa said nothing to kathy about calling T mom and dad a lair.. Ummm hello thats her inlaws

@LindsNitz For Serious, Melissa why don’t you want Joe & Teresa to have a relationship? They both want it.

@AllAboutTRH Next week looks CRAZY my heart breaks for Teresa crying for Joe Gorga. I’m convinced Mel is evil bc she’s happy about this

@LysaSimpson Can u imagine watching this BS for at least 8 years #enoughisenough

[Lysa Marco-Simpson’s July 23, 2009 post on Teresa Giudice Facebook FAN page:
“spent the weekend with teresa and the kids at her shore house! was so much fun with all the starstruck people asking for pictures at the beach. then we went to her house for spaghetti!”]

@donnamarco1 NOBODY WANTS TO BE YOU!!!!!!

@Maggs1221 Did anyone catch how Melissa hesitantly gave up her seat next to Andy when Teresa went back to couch after Kathy apologized? LMAO!


@country__grl when Melissa “wrote” that song she wasn’t even on tv yet! Hello narcissism.

@ItsMeBelle557 Melissa laughs at Teresa saying that song is about her. she’s the one who wrote about paparazzi b4 anyone knew who she was-now THATS funny!

@LindsNitz It is about Teresa’s fame & how Melissa wanted it. #OnDisplay

@AllAboutTRH T says Mel sounds good then Mel says she doesn’t want to hear it? no matter what Teresa does, it’ll never be right


I just can’t put anything here. She has enough of a Twitter problem, and enough problems as it is. God Bless.


@TheFauxMilaniaG weird how “God Bless” has become code for “I f—ing hate your guts” #RHONJ

@favAuntJulie I find it odd that Teresa’s kids, her marriage, & her legal troubles are part of the plot line, yet none of the others’ are

@plainviewsue Only their marriage gets scrutinized. Only their financils get scutinized. See a pattern

@GregsLooseHole Everyone else’s clip was about their accomplishments, the Giudices get this crap.

@HousewifeClown Everybody gets mad when their marriages are on display. But they love talking about Teresas marriage. They love it!

@mdtjohnson Teresa, love the show but I can’t stand how everyone is treating you right now(well last year) I hope it has gotten better

@AlexJamesTweets Teresa, Stay true 2 urself. We “The Fans” Love u for u. Not what is said on TV about u.

@NaomiS777hawaii stay strong Teresa. Pray for the others on the show & God will take care of the situation.

Thank you — for seeing everything, for making me laugh, for supporting me, for making me a better person! I love, love, love you! Follow me on Twitter @Teresa_Giudice, as you can see, I read it all! And check out my website for my latest pictures, news, appearance schedule, and information about Milania Hair Care, Fabellini, PearlBrite, my books, NephCure, and everything good and wonderful in my life!

Tanti Baci,
Teresa xx


There are no words. I love Teresa. I love her more when she fights back!



Kathy Wakile defends her father, Rosie and herself!

4 Oct

I am not a big Kathy fan, we know this. But I did find this to be a heartbreaking blog. There are no winners here. While I completely disagree with her words regarding Teresa and Joe’s parents, I am a tad more understanding of her situation and her reasons for getting angry. I just don’t like how she got angry (and Rosie is another story altogether). I do like that she coped to being wrong and being human. That’s all I have ever wanted out of any of the housewives, including Teresa. Accountability goes a long way for me. In her blog, Kathy writes: Continue reading

Melissa Gorga claims Teresa called Antonia ugly!

4 Oct

More shocking details emerge from the terrible Us Weekly article featuring the Housewives Vs. Teresa. Interesting article, considering they bashed Teresa all year long for doing articles (about herself and her family, not her castmates). Melissa claims she got “not a penny” for her last cover bashing Teresa. Yet Jacqueline Laurita tweeted that “when its one person on the cover they get paid, when its three only one gets paid [I did not get paid].” Someone’s lying, but what else is new. Here are some details from the Us Weekly interview with the ladies, with more lies in my opinion as told to RadarOnline:

In an all new interview, the other RealHousewives of New Jersey have slammed themost unpopular cast member in the show’s history, and the details aren’t pretty, is reporting.

Not only has Teresa Giudice been accused to trying to set up her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga by revealing her alleged past as a stripper, new details have come out about how she has torn her family apart and allegations of how her husband, Joe, has cheated on her several times.

As the reunion shows kicked off last weekend, the Housewives spoke to the issue of US Weekly, and Melissa Gorga especially hinted that she has plenty still to reveal about husband’s sister.

“When she stops telling lies about me, I’ll stop telling the truth about her,” Melissa vowed.

After “Strippergate” feelings between the Housewives became super strained and Teresa barely has a relationship with her brother Joe Gorga now – and to make matters worse she’s making her parents take sides in the family feud!

Speaking about whenever Teresa, 40, sees her parents Giacinto and Antonia, Melissa,33, also said: “Every time they’re together she tells them a laundry list of terrible things against us.

“They’re more distant with us now. Joe feels like she’s poisoned their brains. Teresa needs them so they’re standing by her.”

Teresa’s marriage also comes under fire. In the second reunion episodeJacqueline Laurita claims that Teresa once caught Joe having sex with a woman on his desk and insiders say that Joe’s wandering eye is an “open secret”.

“You walked in on your husband when he had someone on the desk in his office,” Jacqueline told Teresa.

“Teresa and Joe are very unhappy,” an insider told Us Weekly. “Joe feels tremendous pressure to give her this big, over the top life.”

However Teresa furiously denied this, claiming: “We’re happily married. I don’t need to defend myself.”

Teresa is also accused of being totally heartless. When Jacqueline admitted at the reunion that her autistic three-year-old son couldn’t say “I love you” anymore the tears were flowing…everyone cried except Teresa.

Jacqueline said: “Teresa was like that all year. My son had been regressing while we were filming and I was doing a lot of crying.

“If I went to talk about my son she would quickly change the subject and start bashing her family. Despite what she’s claiming on TV she wasn’t there when I needed her the most.”

The reunion also showed some of Teresa’s most vicious behavior yet, according to the report.

Among other things Teresa slammed Caroline Manzo’s daughter Lauren, 24, for her decision to get a lap band procedure.

“Lauren has all time in the world to work out. She took the easy way out,” Teresa reportedly sniped.

And, even her seven-year-old niece Antonia wasn’t spared! Mom Melissa said that when she signed her daughter to a modeling agency, Teresa said: “I heard Antonia got accepted. Yeah the ugly kids always get picked.”

Melissa went on to say that Teresa is two-faced and fakes all emotion for the cameras, and that her teary reconciliation with Jacqueline was totally for show.

“That’s how she filmed with me,” Melissa said. “She’d be nice on camera and as soon as they were done, she’d be like ‘f**king b*tch’.”

And it’s got so bad that Melissa has put her New Jersey mansion up for sale. She added: “I moved to this town so my kids could go to school with their cousins.

“But after this I got really scared. I don’t want them around anybody who is bashing their mother.”

If Teresa did say this about Antonia, that is terrible. But honestly, I just don’t believe it. One because I don’t see her attacking a child like that and two, the girl is just so gorgeous I cannot see how anyone would say it. I think Melissa believes her own lies. And poisoning her parents again Joe and Melissa? Um, no. I think the parents clearly can see things like the above cover and know who is hurting the family. Teresa never brings them into this but Joe and Melissa clearly do. Sad sad sad…

BLIND ITEM: Is this a housewife?

3 Oct

Whenever a blind comes out about a “reality star” one can assume there is an 80/20 shot its a housewife as they have completely dominated reality TV in the 5 franchises. This item appeared in National Enquirer and we think we may know who they are referring to!

[National Enquirer] Who is the super-hip reality star flaunting a sizzling lesbian affair with her producer and gushing to cast mates that the romance is her ticket to network sitcom?

Ohhhhh snap. Wonder if it relates to this at all?? And maybe this? Or maybe even this?  Hmmmmm, I could go on. Who do YOU think this is??

EXCLUSIVE! RHONJ: Melissa Gorga’s Us Weekly connection revealed!

3 Oct

Well well, lookey what we have here. Melissa Gorga on a magazine cover. Why, you ask? Because of Teresa. The same cannot be said for Teresa’s covers, which are always about her. Her family, her marriage, her kids, her companies. Melissa on the other hand is only worthy of a cover story when playing the victim and talking ABOUT Teresa. The ladies faulted Teresa for having a “7 cover deal” with In Touch (which is bogus considering there is at least 15 covers out there to date). But let’s take a look at Melissa and her Us Weekly connection. Seems they always publish negative stories about Teresa…and coincidentally publish complimentary stories about Melissa. This girl certainly knows who and how to work it to get what she wants. Here’s why: Continue reading

Kim D admits to setup! Says Teresa Giudice had NOTHING to do with it!

3 Oct

Well, file this  under “duh”. Anyone who viewed the finale episodes of Real Housewives Of New Jersey could see, without a doubt, that Kim DePaolo was behind “Stripper-gate”. The question always remained whether or not Teresa was also in on it. I personally never thought she was…but now you can hear straight from the source! According to RadarOnline:

Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga almost came to blows over news of Melissa’s allegedstripper past, but now The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Kim DePaola is spilling all the juicy details and confessing that she was the one behind Melissa’s confrontation!

Kim D dishes about the shocking stripper accusations that caused the fight betweenTeresa and Melissa exclusively to the new issue of Star magazine.

“Did I know what I was getting us into? Yes. Did Teresa? Not at all,” Kim claims. “I know for a fact Melissa worked at Lookers and was a dancer.

“Not only have eyewitnesses told me, random people have come into my store, Posche Boutique, saying she was a dancer not a bartender.”

Kim’s story has changed significantly from a year ago, when her rep insisted to that Kim had nothing to do with Melissa’s ambush.

“Melissa doesn’t like the word stripper, so we’ll call her a dancer,” Kim concedes.

So will Melissa and Teresa’s friendship ever be mended? Fuhgeddaboudit! Says Kim!

“There’s way too much water under the bridge. There’s no hope for them ever having a good relationship. It’s done,” she asserts.

For more exclusive details on Kim’s part in the Teresa and Melissa feud, as well as the incident where she says Joe Gorga raised a fist to her face, pick up the latest issue of Star magazine on newsstands Thursday.

One thing Kim has right…Melissa was never a stripper. In NJ, you cannot remove your clothes if alcohol is served. But that’s not to say someone wasn’t a “dancer” like this. Something tells me though, that Kim’s admission will be denied and everyone will still think Teresa was involved. Because after all, Teresa is behind global warming, the Kennedy assassination and Lady Gaga’s “weight gain”.