BLIND ITEM: Is this a housewife?

3 Oct

Whenever a blind comes out about a “reality star” one can assume there is an 80/20 shot its a housewife as they have completely dominated reality TV in the 5 franchises. This item appeared in National Enquirer and we think we may know who they are referring to!

[National Enquirer] Who is the super-hip reality star flaunting a sizzling lesbian affair with her producer and gushing to cast mates that the romance is her ticket to network sitcom?

Ohhhhh snap. Wonder if it relates to this at all?? And maybe this? Or maybe even this?  Hmmmmm, I could go on. Who do YOU think this is??


One Response to “BLIND ITEM: Is this a housewife?”

  1. mononadrivesalive.Com December 21, 2012 at 4:58 pm #

    BLIND ITEM: Is this a housewife? Real Housewives, Real Lives, was indeed a very good name to give this particular post.
    Where can I actually read through even more about this?

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