Kathy Wakile defends her father, Rosie and herself!

4 Oct

I am not a big Kathy fan, we know this. But I did find this to be a heartbreaking blog. There are no winners here. While I completely disagree with her words regarding Teresa and Joe’s parents, I am a tad more understanding of her situation and her reasons for getting angry. I just don’t like how she got angry (and Rosie is another story altogether). I do like that she coped to being wrong and being human. That’s all I have ever wanted out of any of the housewives, including Teresa. Accountability goes a long way for me. In her blog, Kathy writes:

Some big secrets were revealed on Sunday evening. Obviously this was a very tense situation as we haven’t been all together for a year. It was bound to be intense, emotional, and passionate. I didn’t even get a chance to settle in when Andy Cohen called me out on my nose job right at the start! You can’t believe how many tweets I’ve received over having my nose fixed. Interestingly, it’s really no big deal for me. I never tried to hide it, but quite frankly it wasn’t something I chose to do while we were filming. I know some ladies choose to have procedures as part of their story line, and I commend them for it. However it just wasn’t what I wanted at this time. Andy has asked me numerous times on camera, and I’ve told him I did it for cosmetic reasons, which I’ve never denied. I just wanted the youthful look I once had, and I did not blame it on any medical issues. 

The funny thing about plastic surgery though is that some people openly admit it like I did and others claim they’ve have nothing done when it is so obvious that they have. I say what’s the big deal? If you’re really curious about what I mean, you can check out my high school photos on Bravotv.com

The decision to plump up my lips was so last minute. I was having a facial and decided to give it a shot. It was only 10 days prior to the reunion, so it was fresh but they’re not permanent. In fact they are already back to the way they were before. I think the big reaction from everyone was caused by a combination of the nose, lips, the extra glam makeup, and the lighter hair. Oh and I can’t forget the extra-long hair extensions. That’s one of the great things about being a girl, one day I can do a little more primping and prepping for an event and the next day go back to my apron and ponytail. That was my favorite part of working in the beauty business, the endless possibilities. 

Another big dark secret — you all found out that I’m such a bad person, because I didn’t have my first designer handbag until I was 40 years old! Guilty! It wasn’t something that I really wanted. (If it was, don’t you think that Richie would have gotten them for me?) I guess my priorities are little different than some. For me, having our family’s future secured and investing in my children’s college education was just more important.

I heard what Teresa had said about me behind my back from several different people, and I never wanted to believe it. She told people that I lived in a “sh—- little house,” and I could not believe it until I actually saw it in print from an interview that she gave, that makes a similar reference. She didn’t even deny that she said these things at the reunion, when she had denied it numerous other accusations. For the record, I’ve always been thrilled with my home. Love lives here. However, everyone has a right to their own opinion. 

Now on to much more serious things. First of all, I want to go on record that I’m not proud of the dark place that I went to when I lashed out at Teresa. It’s not in my nature to allow myself to react so harshly, and I feel bad about my behavior. I will always be accountable for my wrong-doings, as I have in the past, and I will continue to do so. Unfortunately, this time I reacted after Teresa had pushed me to my limit. How many more chances and benefits of the doubts am I going to give her? There are a few things that I hold sacred in my life: my children, my family, and most of all my marriage. You have all seen that of these things, my marriage is the basis of my life. How dare she try to pick away at my marriage and then throw her mother under the bus and say that she is the one who told her this? Why would she betray her mother’s confidence and get her involved in this? A lie is a lie. Trust me, if the Pope himself was spreading lies about my marriage, I would still do anything to stop it. 

I sat back for two seasons straight and did not allow Teresa’s jabs and insults about my character to get to me, because I knew what she was trying to do. It’s called deflection. She has attacked the most important relationships in my life — my sister Rosie, made comments about my kids, and now my marriage and my deceased father. The ironic thing is, the week this episode aired Richie and I had just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. So viewers, how is what she is saying relevant now after 21 years of a solid marriage? Why would she even bring that up at this time?

It’s unfortunate that once again Teresa automatically went to that place and thought I would reveal the nature of our past conversations we had years ago about marriage. I would never reveal any “girl talk” that we had in the past and betray her confidentiality. What made her think I would so quickly divulge that private information when I never did before and have no intention of doing now? She went for my jugular and she pushed me over the edge! 

I said before that I wasn’t proud of my behavior, and I stand by that. I’ve always had respect for my aunt and uncle. As you can see from Season 3, after the fashion show my aunt attacked me after I had a private conversation with Teresa. I understood where she was coming from, and I didn’t even say a word to her in my defense. I allowed this to happen because she thought she was protecting her daughter. When I was first interviewed for RHONJ, I went to discuss the possibilities and my intentions with my aunt and uncle. I had a very long, nice talk with my aunt and she agreed with me. We came to an amiable understanding. I had also hoped to speak to my uncle that day but he just walked out. While I admit that “coward” was a very mean thing to say, I was so disappointed in how he acted towards me. I would never raise my voice to either of them, and I never have. My uncle and I had always had a respectful relationship, but make no mistake, the relationship of an uncle and a niece is nothing like that of a father and daughter. How dare Teresa speculate on the relationship I had with my father, and the type of father he was to me and my siblings. That statement really sent me over the edge, as it did for Rosie.

I’m going to give you a little background. My father was the first man that both Rosie and I had ever loved. My father came to this country partially handicapped at a young age, not knowing the language. He worked incredibly hard in spite of his disability to make a life for himself. After he married my mom, they both worked selflessly to make a life and provide for their five children. They learned the language, they kept to themselves and were honorable, hardworking people who were respected by everyone. My father lived and died for his family, as well as his extended family. He never cheated anyone or hurt anyone. Anyone who knew him would say the same. He was an honorable man, and I will not let anyone disrespect his reputation or his memory.

When my father got sick with leukemia, our family watched him suffer for over seven years until he came down with lung cancer. At this point, we really watched him deteriorate. I was there with my mom as much as I could be during the day, but Rosie lived with them and watched day in and day out as my father slipped further and further away. Until you live with the pain of watching a loved one, especially a powerhouse like your father, suffer so severely, you can’t know what the pain feels like. Even though it has been almost ten years, the wound will never heal. There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t think of him and miss him. When Teresa’s insinuations about my father’s love for us, his own children, came out, that’s when she hurt Rosie and me the most. This brought both of us to a very bad place. It does not excuse or justify our actions, but we are all human, and everyone has their breaking point. I hope that watching the next parts of the reunion will shed a little bit more light. That’s all for now.

I don’t agree with the “shit house” story. The way I read it, Teresa said she lived in a small house BY HOUSEWIVES STANDARDS, and this is true. The true intention of the show was always to show the glamorous lifestyles of the rich suburbians. While Kathy’s house is beautiful, and bigger than mine (I would love to live in it!), it is not ideally the type of house that the other cast members have and the show always featured. Which just proved that Kathy was brought on to be an ally to Melissa so she would not be alone in her quest to take Teresa down. If Teresa said this in another way to other people, I can’t argue that…but as for the interview Kathy refers to, I did not take it that way.

And while we are on the subject, while I think Kathy looks good, I do not think her surgery looks good one HER because she does not look like herself. It looks too contrived, too “trying too hard”. But then again…that pretty much sums up Kathy to begin with…

p.s. Did she do something to her eyes?? Since everyone always makes fun of her big eyes, it looks to me like she somehow covered them up a bit. Agree??


11 Responses to “Kathy Wakile defends her father, Rosie and herself!”

  1. seemstome (@mlnuss) October 4, 2012 at 2:09 pm #

    It is funny to me how we are suppose to be able to see how Kathy got frustrated and angry and maybe said some things she didn’t mean or maybe said them in a way she didn’t mean. I think that the same can be said for Teresa. Alwas amazed how all 4 of them think whatever they do can be explained away but nothing Teresa does has any excuse but that she meant it or way lying or way trying to be underhanded. I think they should all stop and reflect on their actions.

  2. Momma T October 4, 2012 at 3:19 pm #

    I believe we saw the “real” Kathy with her filthy mouth & her trashy ass sister yelling like trailer trash. Kathy & her husband are foul mouthed people & I think her true colors are finally out in the open. If you know the truth, then why must you try to take other people down. STFU & leave out the door you came in.

  3. khylie kelbie (@khyliek) October 5, 2012 at 6:28 am #

    it all makes me slighty dizzy seriously…. kathy called teresas mom a LIAR and her ill father a COWARD had that been my parents id have flipped big time… all teresa said to kathy was her father was there for her more than her own not bad mouthing the man just saying have a bit respect for a man who helped you out…. they went after her kids her marriage her financial problems anything they could to discredit her and in my opionion seems shes free reign for them all how juicy joe puts up with the way they treat teresa is beyond me my own husband said to me while re watching the christen in season 3 joe gorga would have a wired jaw if he was my brother and called me garbage infront of my daughter… bravo as a production should be cancelled they are promoting bullying in its worst for a group of grown woman ganging up on 1 was the same for alexis in OC its a vile way to treat people and shouldnt be allowed… melissa gorga make snakes look like bunnies shes a cold calculated woman with 2 missions to be famous and to take teresas thunder she will stop at nothing untill she has pushed teresa out the way stepped all over her and ruined her career shes already broke the gorga family with a smile on her face she has joe all to herself away from his family and parents while her family is whole and doing ok…. no wonder the SR gorgas hate her i would to,,,, jaq is an unstable drunk her husband is a wuss and should really be focusing on their own fraud case thats pending before judging teresa lets see if jaq works her tail to the bone to pay back what she owes very much doubt it… and caroline has lied from the get go shes a woman with so much malice its popping out her mouth without control her lies are slowly catching up to her like tiny manzo hmmmm shot and tied up in the boot of his car on a mob hit because he was a rat and a con artist not very clean is carolines closet her kids are hanging on to her apron strings like leeches get them off tv before s**t hits the fan…. brings me back to the reunion i was on twitter having a nosey at rosies TL as i was curious to see how the public reacted to her death threats well what a slap in the face i got when i saw that people were saying GOOD ON YOU ROSIE… I WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME… GREAT ABOUT TIME SOMEONE TOLD HER…. i sat there in front of my computer and thought omg is this really the society we live in when bullying and death threats and cheered on?? its mind boggling to me that people feel its ok to say that to someone and feel the need to defend it never in my life would i agree to cutting someones tongue out and melissa saying to andy cohan ooooh rosie will kill her just proves it was all planned season 5 will be the same cause bravo will make it so…..

    • Anonymous October 7, 2012 at 9:42 pm #

      That is most poorly written comment I have ever read.

      • Lisa October 13, 2012 at 3:54 am #

        I agree with Anonymous….. khylie state’s that it makes her slightly dizzy…. well I’m dizzy after reading her long, round on sentences, don’t know where to begin or end. Just being honest.
        Sorry to say khylie, but we do live in a society of bullies, that’s why we have anti-bulling law’s, but there hard to prove in court of law, sad to say but true.

    • Anonymous October 8, 2012 at 5:53 pm #

      Really enjoyed reading this and agree with every word!

  4. Anonymous October 9, 2012 at 10:52 am #

    Shame on you! A women talks about her father dying an with awful disease and continue to talk about her house and plastic surgery…what kind of person are you! I will never come to this site and suggest to all that a heartless, cold individual lives here!

    • realhousewiveslives October 9, 2012 at 11:38 pm #

      Sorry you feel that way. But is a blog, which by definition is a place for opinions. This is mine.

  5. Anonymous October 9, 2012 at 10:59 am #

    The fact that Teresa said her father was there more for Kathy than her own father, knowing how he suffered with a terribly disease, is shameless to me! So her dad maybe acted as a father figure to Kathy and Rosie as their dad was dying, what kind of person throws that up to another person….Teresa does! Shame on all of you, not one person should make a comment about a loved one dying with a type of cancer until you have lived it, maybe you should all think about if that was your dad instead of commenting on her “shit house” or plastic surgery. Wow, someone talks about death and the comment are about looks and money…the above post is right, cold and heartless lives here!

  6. Anonymous October 10, 2012 at 12:38 pm #

    Do you think any of these hws give a shit about you. Its really sad that these women have esentially become prostitutes. They are willing to ruin their families for 15 minutes of fame and fortune. To think I really used to enjoy watching this crap. I think it started to sink in when subject matter such as autistic children, amputee survivors, and really serious issues is so secondary to the fame of each castmember. Im not saying they dont feel pain, but I would tell the cameras to f____ off!!! They say filming is a distraction…bullshit, its an addiction. Look at Jill Zarin, still trying to get onto BRAVO TV

  7. BMasciovecchio October 12, 2012 at 1:16 pm #

    Parents should not have been brought into this brawl under any circumstance! Did Kat think what she said was ok? Tre should not have mentioned Kat’s dat in any context. Children and parents are off limits in the ‘real world’. Anyone with good sense knows that. I think Kat was just trying to make herself relavent. She and Rosie need a new job. Tre needs to give up reality tv if she wants to save her family.

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