Joanna Krupa on Teresa Giudice: She hits below the belt

19 Oct

Guess Joanna Krupa, of Real Housewives of Miami didn’t get the memo. In her quest to get recognized despite her ailing show, she takes a few shots at Teresa Giudice, not realizing that Teresa’s fans (who outweigh hers I am sure) will now turn on her. She told RadarOnline in an exclusive interview:

“Every family has its issues but you don’t hit below the belt, She doesn’t need to be this low to make a name for herself. Everybody already knows who she is. You don’t mess with family. Teresa took it a step way too far hitting below the belt with Melissa and the stripper thing,” Joanna said. Everyone loves fame and money but you don’t do that to your family.  I don’t know what Teresa is thinking but she’s lost herself in the world of fame. She’s scared of losing it so she’ll do whatever it takes to stay on top. There’s no reason to disrespect your family. I can’t even imagine doing that. I guess some people love fame too much.”

Ouch! While I find Joanna entitled to her opinion, I don’t think Housewives from other shows should criticize each other that way. Everyone should be supporting each other. Joanna is gorgeous, but I find her to be arogant, nasty and a catty shit-stirrer. What if Joanna finds herself as the odd man out with her 6 castmates attacking her? How would she feel? Sadly, no one watches RHOM (even though I do) so it probably won’t come to that. Could this have any connection to Joanna and Melissa tweeting each other recently? Hmmm



14 Responses to “Joanna Krupa on Teresa Giudice: She hits below the belt”

  1. Llinda October 19, 2012 at 5:28 pm #

    WOW she blew it with me. Not because I am now a Teresa fan last 2 seasons BUT I teally agree, the bravo employees need to keep their opinions out of the press and at the very least, educate themselves before forming allies with one/another. All they will do is lose a fan base whether it seems fair or not. I hate when people dont have their facts and bash a peer in the press. She may be pretty but her behavior hasnt won me over on her show, in fact, I only watch as last resort. Will they ever learn.

  2. getalife October 19, 2012 at 5:34 pm #

    I’m sure Ms. Krupa does NOT know the whole story behind Teresa’s infamous “stripper” ordeal. Teresa was completely back stabbed by her sister in law and cousin by coming on the show behind Teresa’s back. Melissa stalked BRAVO by sending in casting tapes promising to destroy Teresa. Melissa plays all innocent on the show to get viewers to sympathize with her, but in reality she’s a fame whore. Joanna, your show is BORING and you have portrayed yourself as an adolecent that throws temper tantrums in your boyfriend’s club and drinks way too much as he stated. Why would you believe Roman when he says he’s not cheating but the evidence is right there staring you in the face? Please no more RHOM!! Everyone wants to be Teresa.and she is the most popular woman on TV. No one can stop talking about her. She will have her own show soon, just wait and see.

    • getalife October 19, 2012 at 5:37 pm #

      The only woman on RHOM that is half way decent is Lisa. She’s not in it for the money obviously, I mean look at her life! It’s nice to see a filthy rich, extremely gorgeous woman so down to earth that’s so willing to help others. I really love this woman!! The other ladies, no thanks!

      • Paix September 29, 2014 at 6:27 pm #

        Joanna looks like a hypocrite when she makes statements like these. She should be more concerned about improving herself than judging other people. She seems to be emotionally impulsive and guilty of speaking first and thinking later. She seems to act like a spoiled kid sometimes to me.

    • Sue Marvin August 27, 2013 at 8:50 pm #

      Thanks. The Miami show was so boring that I stopped watching it. As for Bravo, the producers said they film hours of stuff, suggest what they should say and then EDIT it to suit their agenda. Teresa is being smeared on a regular basis while skanky Melissa continues to mouth off. Soon proof of Melissa’s REAL feelings will come out on the show.

  3. Anonymous October 19, 2012 at 9:36 pm #

    She wa my fav on miami… When / if i watch she just lost me as a fan I agree that everyone is entittled to their owm opinion but she clearly doesnt have the facts amd other hw shouldnt bash eachother. You never see Teresa act that way. Are these people blind and not see whats truly going on? I did see that kathy had dinner with some of the miami cast sure she was bad mouthing Teresa its just awful what her own family did to her yet she still doesnt bash back

  4. lobstahsmaht October 23, 2012 at 12:53 pm #

    Oh, please. Talk about wanting fame! Who walks around in a see through shirt with no bra? She is crass and an air head. Her boyfriend needs to find someone intelligent and less self centered. I find Joanna totally obnoxious.

  5. Patricia Calef October 23, 2012 at 12:54 pm #

    Oh, please. Talk about wanting fame! Who walks around in a see through shirt with no bra? She is crass and an air head. Her boyfriend needs to find someone intelligent and less self centered. I find Joanna totally obnoxious.

  6. Amber October 26, 2012 at 5:39 pm #

    Joanna is the biggest pot stirrer on her show. She hears a bit of gossip and RUNS to tell the person. She hears the TRUTH about her own relationship and is in denial. She values the lives of pets more than humans. I see an overly emotional diva who is so insecure and lost that she cant help but stay with someone who simply “puts up” with her.

  7. Stephanie G November 3, 2012 at 8:07 am #

    Just lost a fan here, she was my fav even after gettin punched by adriana (which she deserved btw, #imjussayin) but how dare she go on attack with my girl Teresa like that…showbiz for T is a hustle and it was her hustle first and now people are resenting her for taking it as far as she can? I’m sure Teresa planned on doing that from the start and kathy and gorga gettin on the show behind her back was sneaking and conniving. Now they team up against her all the time and expect that not to motivate Teresa even more, fools. They should accept Teresa as the star and never pry into her financial or marital affairs on air, if they truly love her. I never see Teresa blast them on air. Whoopdi-doo gorga is accused of being a stripper, she clears her name of it and moves on. I mean her husband was one so whats the big deal? She acts like she isnt loving the camera time. I’m over them and Joanna.

  8. Anonymous February 28, 2013 at 6:40 pm #

    who actually f****g cares

  9. Dexter Pie March 25, 2013 at 1:39 pm #

    This Eastern European call girl is insane. She parades around with Marta, her daughter she claims is her sister, drunk and drugged out of her mind. She is sensitive to the stripper thing, because being a stripper would have been a step up for her, as before she was Joe Francis’ slag girfriend, she was doing porno and “escort” work.

  10. Lee August 9, 2013 at 12:05 am #

    Dexter Pie? I couldn’t stop laughing when I read your comments–omg they are soooo the truth. Nothing like telling it like it is.

    • Anonymous September 24, 2014 at 11:08 am #

      Johanna CRAPa is a really disgusting person. Her anger twists her pretty face into an ugly scowl. She is a cheap, nasty, bottom feeding D-minus celebrity. I think she hates herself. I think she did things she is ashamed and embarrassed of. I think she hates herself. I think she cannot forgive herself for things she has done – like porn, like being a call girl, like being a Joes Francis groupie, like sleeping around to get ahead. I think she did demeaning things with her body trying to claw her way to the bottom of the celebrity ladder (She is big in Poland). Lord knows what – and who – she had to do in Poland to get on tv there. She aspires to be Lisa Hochstein – a rich former porn actress/stripper, but she set her sights too low and settled for a handsome bartender. She chose Roman because she vowed never to do ugly guys like Lenny Hochtein again. She does not love a loser (in her eyes) like Roman, but wants to be seen with a handsome, nice guy. He wants tail. She also knows Lisa’s past – porn and all – is still classier than hers. Something about her – and her sister and mother too – just doesn’t sit right. I think some weird, debasing shit went down, sucking the light out of their souls, and they are forever damaged goods. They think of themselves as goods as opposed to people. Whatever their shame they are dehumanized by it. No amount of money will ever give this skank class, or wash away the filth she feels clings to her, which is why she is such a vile and mean, and is angry at the world, fellow strippers like Melissa Gorga excluded.

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