Teresa Giudice says Caroline had secret weight loss surgery!

1 Oct

Teresa Giudice sent in her Bravo blog and as usual she completely gives the other ladies a virtual bitch slap. I love how she doesn’t really address Melissa, since her and Melissa did not really get into it yet on the reunion. Part 2 I hear…  She does however take Caroline to task for her secret weight loss strategies that she uses while professing to eat less and exercise. 

Hi Sweethearts,

Like every Housewife in every city, I think filming the reunion is one of the worst parts of our job. It’s a long, long day, it always gets ugly, it’s hard to sit through and even harder to watch. At least this year I knew what I was walking into: I knew the other cast members, even my family, were going to band together to bash me. Last year was a total shock. This year was just sickening and sad.

I think one big difference between New Jersey and the other cities though is that most of the women on our show prepare for weeks for the ambush. They write little notes and look over every little thing I ever wrote. They’re so desperate to make me look bad. Here’s the thing: I don’t care. I know who I am and I don’t need to prove it to any of them. And I’m certainly not going to waste my off-camera, family time looking up words in the dictionary and making obsessive lists about them. For one, I’m not obsessed with any of them. If none of them had showed up at the Borgata, I think me and Andy could have still filmed a good show. For two, I’m not desperate to prove them all wrong, because they prove it all by themselves in every blog and every interview. I don’t have to dig all the way down to vocabulary words (and PS for the millionth time: spell check! It’s not hard!) because I’ve got nothing else. Their lies and contradictions are right there in black-and-white and there are far too many to list!

I do never know what crazy angle the other women are going to take at me, so my strategy is to sit there and be as calm and mature as I can. As calm and mature as anyone can filming all day with 10 people coming at you! I’m not an actress, I don’t practice in the mirror at night, so my reaction isn’t always perfect. But I’m not perfect. I’m just me.

I’m not proud of everything I said at the reunion, but I am proud of the things I DIDN’T say. As they were yelling at me, I kept reminding myself not to say this or that about their private lives, I kept thinking about Dina and her and Caroline’s mom, Nettie, and family stuff I did not want them to hear me say. It was a struggle because they attack me so viciously and yet they have their own skeletons, their own public scandals and newspaper articles and financial problems that don’t get discussed on the show, because I won’t discuss them. They do it to me, but I won’t do it back. So when Caroline fired at my appearance, yes I fired back. It wasn’t a great moment, but I can only be pushed so far.

Once we started going there with each other on our appearance, I guess it opened a can of worms for me that has really bothered me for a long time: Caroline’s hypocritical and crazy unhealthy view of herself and how her view upsets her daughter. First of all, I have no problem with Caroline’s body. Everybody is different and every size can be beautiful. But you have to own it, not lie about it. What I can’t stand is that Caroline has for years talked about how she loses weight naturally, she even did interviews on her “portion control,” meanwhile she’s hiding behind a secret surgery. I’m sorry, I don’t like that. It’s one thing to keep your private business private, but then don’t go being the poster child for natural weight loss and lying to everyone. And especially when you’re lying to the public, you’re helping create this body image lie that young girls are suffering from. Imagine if I told everyone I got bigger bubbies because I just took a certain vitamin. Guess what? It’s not true and that’s not fair to the public who really wanted to know how I did it.

Then you had her big storyline all season: hovering over Lauren’s shoulder and obsessing about her weight. I would NEVER allow that to be my storyline. Poor Lauren. When Caroline said in one of her on-camera interviews that she “couldn’t even relate” to Lauren’s struggle because she’d “been tiny her whole life,” I realized what the problem was: Caroline. You should embrace your children and how they look, not constantly remind them how miserable they are, making them even more miserable.

And let’s get this straight: Lauren was 185 pounds. Not 285. She’s 24. Do you think major surgery chopping up your stomach is the answer for that extra 30 pounds? I don’t. The ones who are sending out the bad message to kids in America are Lauren and Caroline for acting like Lauren was a prehistoric beast before and the lap band saved her life. The lap band surgery is a miracle for some people, for people who are extremely unhealthy, who have tried everything, who’ve had babies and are older with slow metabolisms. Look at Lisa Lampanelli. I know she tried everything, and the lap band worked wonders for her. She looks amazing! That’s the person who should get lap band, not a 24-year-old with a controlling mother. Sorry, but that’s my opinion.

I do want to apologize to anyone watching and any of my friends and family if it seemed like I only think skinny is beautiful. That’s absolutely not true. My mother is the most beautiful woman I know and she’s not a toothpick. My husband isn’t super skinny and I call him “juicy and delicious.” He’s sexy to me. My friends are all different sizes and all beautiful. What your body looks like doesn’t matter to me at all (unless you’re a big public hypocrite about it!). I know the “blubber” comment was really random, so I want to explain where it came from…

I have a habit of remembering certain words when I hear them and using them later in a totally different way. Like when I heard about John Mayer saying Jessica Simpson was “sexual napalm” I thought that was a really good description of how something clings to you, and I used “napalm” in my blog. Before the reunion my friend and I were talking about how I feel bad now about how everyone treated Danielle. I didn’t see it, how bad everyone was to her, until last year. And my friend was like: “It’s like your living in a Judy Blume novel! You’re in Blubber! You were friends with the mean girls and you didn’t realize how mean they were until they turned on you!” I guess I just had that in my head and “blubber” came out! I didn’t plan to say something so crazy, the word was just in my head. I was thinking about a book about mean girls, not trying to be a mean girl! Sorry!

There’s really not much more to say. Rosie shocked me, but then again, she really didn’t. I think you got to see a bit more of the Kathy that I know… And Melissa and Jacqueline… stay tuned because their crazy is just getting started!

Thank you all for your kind words and support! Follow me on Twitter @Teresa_Giudice or visit my website at http://www.teresagiudice.com for more information on my appearances, where to buy Fabellini, Milania Hair Care, and PearlBrite!

Tanti Baci,
Teresa xx

It has always been widely reported, but never proven, that Caroline had lap band surgery as well. I wonder if that is what Teresa is referring to as the secret weight loss surgery…or if she means the tummy tuck mentioned after the Blubber3 incident. Sounded more recent to me…


RHONJ decoded: What they REALLY meant.

1 Oct

So being from New Jersey, I have the wonderful talent of being able to decode the verbiage that is RHONJ. Well that and I am an intuitive, snarky brat when I wanna be 🙂 So, here you have it. I am going to decode a few of the night’s best quotes and tell you what it really meant. Some may be paraphrased as I have no more Xanax left so I cannot watch the show again for accuracy. Buckle up bitches (can I say this at the start of all my posts from now on???), you’re about to be schooled…Jersey-style!

What they said: 

Lauren Manzo: My mom let me have lapband…

What they meant: My Mommy paid for my lapband. Or was it Daddy?

What they said:  

Andy Cohen: Kathy, Kathy, we get it. Enough.

What they meant: Stop wasting airtime. You are irrelevant and not even going to be here next season.

What they said: 

Kathy Wakile: You’re father’s a coward.

What they meant: I am going to say the most shocking thing I can think of so that Andy and co. think I bring enough drama to be asked back. The mom is a liar thing didn’t work, so I am going to go with this.

What they said: 

Teresa Giudice: He was Audriana’s boyfriend, but now they broke up.

What they meant: I am uncomfortable and don’t know what to say so let me insert  joke here to ease the tension.

What they said: 

Caroline Manzo: You and your Christmas pageant dress…

What they meant:  You look ten times better than me, so I better attack whatever else I can find.

What they said: 

Andy Cohen: You do go a little (hand signal crazy)  on Twitter

What they meant: Seriously Jac, you are bat shit crazy and your Twitter rants make you look like a fool. But do keep doing it, for ratings of course.

What they said: 

Teresa Giudice: Rich? Yeah, with his yellow teeth.

What they meant: Rich? Yeah, with his yellow teeth.

What they said: 

Melissa Gorga: I was on a red carpet and they asked me about Teresa.

What they meant: I was fame whoring and it was, like, so totally annoying that all they wanted to do, was like, talk, like about Teresa.

What they said: 

Melissa Gorga:  That is so wrong. You don’t go on someone’s looks.

What they meant: Except of course when I am talking about Angelo, Kim D., or anyone else I deem worthy of an insult.

What they said: 

Lauren Manzo: Spell napalm. Go ahead, define it, spell it, go ahead.

What they meant: I am a bitter, nasty bitch so I sit on the computer trying to find ways to discredit you while simultaneously throwing darts at a picture of Lindsey and suckling from Mommy’s teet.

What they said: 

Jac Laurita: Yes you did and I have the recordings to prove it.

What they meant: I can totally drum up any fake evidence I want and say legally I cannot play it. WOO HOO! Everybody drink!!!

What they said: 

Jac Laurita: Hi Andy.

What they meant: Everybody drink!

What they said: 

Caroline Manzo: My brother and I were very scared for her and her mental state.

What they meant: She got ridiculously drunk at Kim G’s house the night before and we were afraid she would either castrate Andy or blow some of Bravo’s best kept secrets.

What they said: 

Melissa Gorga: This bitch is crazy.

What they meant: JOE!! Yell shame on you from backstage or no sex for a week!

What they said: 

Kathy Wakile: Your show, the Teresa Show.

What they meant: Its not just your show, anyone can be on it. Well, except me. Because its more fun watching paint dry than me bike riding, pretending to want to buy restaurants I cannot afford, taking my daughter to see colleges she has no intention of attending or watching my husband in any capacity whatsoever.

What they said: 

Teresa Giudice: Yeah, everytime you are with my parents you tweet a picture of it to piss me off.

What they meant: This, this and two others that were since deleted. 

What they said: 

Lauren Manzo: Because of dickheads like you.

What they meant: This freaking dress is cutting off my circulation.

What they said: 

Jac Laurita: You wanted me to call her out and call her a stripper.

What they meant: I would  never do such a thing. I have a, uh, soft spot, for ex-strippers. Unless its Danielle Staub. Then its wrong. EVERYBODY DRINK!

What they said: 

Jac Laurtia: They hid assets, and purposefully defrauded.

What they meant: We hid assets better than them. EVERYBODY DRINK!

What they said: 

Caroline Manzo: I want to go home.

What they meant: Al is alone in Atlantic Titty. I NEED to keep on eye on him.

What they said: 

Teresa Giudice: You said in your blog Jacqueline that I never spoke badly about Melissa and Joey, to you.

What they meant: Yeah, I read famewhorgas.wordpress.com bitch!

What they said: 

Teresa Giudice:  Blubber, Blubber and Blubber.

What they meant: Didn’t you wear this dress last year? Either way…too tight.

What they said: 

Teresa Giudice: You copied my eye shadow.

What they meant: You want to be me. You copy everything I do. I am going to use a poor example of this because I am on the spot, but you really really do.  

What they said: 

Melissa Gorga: Can you look at me? I am tired of staring at your weave all night.

What they meant:  If you don’t face me, how can I get camera time?

Well there ya have it…there is more I could translate, but I will save my sanity for part two.  Oh and p.s. Rosie Pierri meant exactly what she said…no translation needed.

Jacqueline responds to Teresa’s blog post!

28 Sep

As expected, Jacqueline Laurita responded to Teresa’s blog post with a nasty tirade. Instead of taking Teresa’s challenge of not tweeting negative things to each other or RT the mean things, Jac went on a RT spree. Seems she is really starting to become unhinged. This whole thing is super childish, but I see Teresa as having just posted the texts to defend herself and then moving on. Jacqueline just keeps coming back for more. Check these out:

Jacqueline Laurita Jacqueline Laurita @JacLaurita 7m
Sometimes it just feels good to vent. ;0) At least I keep it real. Thanks for your support. I just love you guys.XO! Vent to me anytime.
View details ·    
Lupita Rico Lupita Rico @MeXrOcKeRiTa 7m
@Teresa_Giudice You are psychotic! You have flipped tables, gone crazy every season of #RHONJ while @JacLaurita has always been level headed
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DebbieRumpza DebbieRumpza @DebbieRumpza 7m
@ShelleyDarnall @JacLaurita Forget about the show, Teresa in real life is just evil, greedy and self absorbed. Jac has a REAL heart.
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CandyPerfumeBoi CandyPerfumeBoi @JoseC2206 10m
@JacLaurita T is a pathological liar. She really needs help.
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Shelley Darnall Shelley Darnall @ShelleyDarnall 15m
@JacLaurita I love how T made herself look worse! Her text were edited, obviously.. Her world will come tumbling down. Gotta love karma! 😂
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Jacqueline Laurita Jacqueline Laurita @JacLaurita 15m
Ok, maybe just a few more because you guys are funny….
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Jacqueline Laurita Jacqueline Laurita @JacLaurita 25m
Now I will go back to enjoying my day. I had a great taping today with Good Morning America. I’ll let u know when it airs.
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Jacqueline Laurita Jacqueline Laurita @JacLaurita 27m
This feels good! Lol
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DaMora Upchurch DaMora Upchurch @morapiggy 27m
@JacLaurita TG’s txt post are so edited. And she blacked out names (Dina) but left Chris’. ??? Just to be ugly obviously.
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Jacqueline Laurita Jacqueline Laurita @JacLaurita 28m
Exactly! “@amandaviney@JacLaurita you could totally tell they were edited- they made no sense!”
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NKOTB Girl  NKOTB Girl  @NKOTB78 30m
@JacLaurita I still can’t believe @Teresa_Giudice thinks that us#RHONJ fans are as stupid as she is! Her husband cheated on TV- HELLO?!!!
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Jacqueline Laurita Jacqueline Laurita @JacLaurita 30m
@sno_valley_girl@JacLaurita Teresa is what we call white trash, no class. Gross!! And def needs work on her use of the English language!!”
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Jacqueline Laurita Jacqueline Laurita @JacLaurita 1h
Her and her husband both “@gardengirl1209@JacLaurita she is a true con artist”
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Sweetbebe Sweetbebe @Sweetbebedoll 1h
@JacLaurita My heart goes out to you and I think you tried to be a good friend to Tre. But she is a selfish B who just wants to hurt
View conversation ·    
Tom Strong-Grinsell Tom Strong-Grinsell @TomSG_ 1h
@JacLaurita everyone has already seen her true colors, she’s now worse than Danielle.
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Linda L Linda L @gardengirl1209 1h
@JacLaurita I can’t even stand the site of her and I don’t think Anderson bought her story’s either he is a good judge of people
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Jacqueline Laurita Jacqueline Laurita @JacLaurita 1h
Doubtful @ImMidwestsBest @Teejalinus On #rhonj @JacLaurita ‘s the MOST kind!TG proven herself untrustworthy.Is her version true?Doubtful
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Jacqueline Laurita Jacqueline Laurita @JacLaurita 1h
Yes it does! “@mz_nanii@JacLaurita @Teejalinus dont worry teresa will get hers #what goes around comes around”
View details ·    
Jacqueline Laurita Jacqueline Laurita @JacLaurita 1h
Nice try @Teresa_Giudice Ugly people like you never win. You’ll see. Everyone will see.
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Jacqueline Laurita Jacqueline Laurita @JacLaurita 1h
Teresa thinks she’s being clever with her text edits. Want to see the horrible things Teresa has said?
View details ·    

I think if Jac wanted to prove HER texts weren’t edited, she needs to post them ASAP and not in 3 hours when she has time to edit them. Jac really took a lashing on twitter as people can see from the texts she is clearly the one who has been texting Teresa nonstop. More on this developing story!

Teresa fights back! Posts her text from Jacqueline!!!

28 Sep

Oh my my this is thoroughly amazing! Check out this post, from teresagiudice.com where Teresa calls out Jacqueline, says she is not suing anyone, and posts screen shots of her bizarro texts from Jacqueline!!! To quote Jac “I guess whats good for the goose is good for the gander…” Bet she wishes she didn’t say that, huh? From Teresa: Continue reading

Teresa speak to US Weekly! “Jac texted me at 1 a.m. the other night!”

27 Sep

Teresa spoke to Us Weekly on the red carpet at the NBA2K13 launch party about her costars, cat fights, drama and family. She goes on to say that she thinks she was the one set up at the fashion show, not Melissa. Best part? She calls her Melissa Marco! Obviously she finds Melissa unworthy of the Gorga name! She also elaborates on the text issue with Jacqueline Laurita and says that Jacqueline needs to leave her alone! She texted her the other night at 1 a.m. according to Teresa. She tells USWeekly: Continue reading

Teresa Giudice calls Melissa Gorga a “viscious liar”!

27 Sep

Teresa bit back at Melissa Gorga after some of the recent media smear campaigning Melissa did. She spoke to Rob from Huffington Post about Melissa’s claim on Wendy Williams that Teresa grabbed her arm. I think the only reason she is telling about this now is because she is caught grabbing Teresa at the reunion. Damage control! According to HuffPo:

She may be one of the least popular cast members of the “Real Housewives” franchise, but now Teresa Giudice is disputing her sister-in-law’s accusation that Giudice attacked her, saying it was the other way around.

“I usually don’t comment on stories about me, but I cannot ignore Melissa Marco’s vicious lie that I assaulted her at my own children’s birthday party while she was holding my baby nephew,” says Giudice. “It is completely untrue in every way. To make such a horrible accusation that involves our children is beyond despicable and speaks to her true character.”

Melissa recently did a round of interviews, including an Us Weekly cover and an appearance on Wendy Williams’ show, where she had some tough criticism for Giudice. However, Giudice and her friends refuse to remain silent over accusations that she “roughed up” anyone.

“This supposedly happened at Gia and Milania’s very big, very public joint birthday party in January,” a friend of Giudice tells me. “The party was at Space Odyssey, owned by Elvira Grau, who was with Teresa the entire time. Elvira has publicly tweeted that it’s untrue. It was a very public party with a hired photographer there. No one saw them do anything but talk. They didn’t even hug because Melissa was holding her baby, so Teresa just kissed the baby. If anything had happened, why didn’t Melissa immediately go to the press about it then? She puts every other little complaint on Twitter. Nothing.”

In what is expected to be the most dramatic “Real Housewives” reunion of all time, viewers will get to see for themselves how bad things have gotten between these two family members.

“Melissa lost it at the reunion and put her hands on Teresa,” one Bravo insider tells me. “Teresa started yelling that she was going to ‘sue’ Melissa, but has not taken any legal action yet.”

Ugh this just a mess! Gets worse by the day!


27 Sep

Love me some blind items! I wonder who this could be??? From blindgossip.com:

[Blind Gossip] This reality star has been trying to get producers to cast the rest of her family for the past couple of years. They are constantly hanging around, trying to get camera time to prove what great full-time cast members they would be. They are also very active on social media, launching full-scale Twitter and Facebook attacks onwhoever perpetrates the latest imagined slight on their family member. Unfortunately, all of this has backfired on them. The producers think that they are “ugly and negative” and will never bring any of them on board as cast members.

Hmmmm, I am not sure who this could be, but I think it may rhyme with “Schmarco”. Although it must be noted that similar info was posted days ago on famewhorgas.wordpress.com. BG needs to start crediting other bloggers!

Teresa’s Breakdown: I need help!

26 Sep

Teresa spoke with In Touch Weekly about her recent emotional breakdown following this past season of Real Housewives of New Jersey and how she needs help coping with the emotional backlash. I feel awful for her in this interview. Here are some snippets from the interview, per Intouchweekly.com:

Continue reading

Anderson Cooper attacks Teresa Giudice! VIDEO!

26 Sep

Well, today I tuned into Anderson Live…something I don’t normally do as I find him to be a cocky narcissist. But I tuned in when he had Jacqueline on and again today when he had Teresa on. He was so disgustingly inappropriate and one-sided I cannot believe a reporter would behave this way. He roasted Teresa for being “mean” and calling Caroline blubber. While I think the comment was mean and wrong (see, I can admit when T is wrong!!), I also think she was defending herself. She was in a room with 4 women attacking her (with their spouses, kids and siblings as well!). Insult after insult she finally fought back. He didn’t show the part of the clip where Caroline makes fun of Teresa’s dress. Or when she has been called liar, scum, clown, trash, dumb, delusional, sick, disgusting, bitch, pathetic, dickhead (shall I go on???) Why is it ok for Teresa to be bashed and made fun of for two seasons, but when she fights back she is the “mean” one.

Then Anderson questioned why Teresa did not call Jacqueline after his autism diagnosis. Teresa said she texted. He again grilled why she did not call. Who is he to ask how and why she contacts her ex-friend who has done nothing but bash her and hurt her for a year? Just because someone goes through hard times, does not mean you have to reach out to them even though they are toxic and hurtful.

Then Anderson laments that he would never watch Celebrity Apprentice because he is an “Andy Cohen, Bravo friend”. Yes Anderson…we got that. We totally got you were a Bravo guy by your disgusting hatchet job on Teresa today.

Here is a clip from today’s show: 

Terrible one-sided reporting. Terrible berating of a GUEST. But then again, this is a man who had Kelsey Grammer on right after Teresa and practically kissed his ass and praised him. I rest my case…

*Photo courtesy of Teresa’s makeup artist, Priscilla. Taken before the she went on stage with Anderson.

Camille to Kelsey: ENOUGH ALREADY!

26 Sep

Camille Grammer finally speaks in regards to her ex-husband Kelsey continually bashing her in the press. Lately, it seems all Kelsey can talk about is Camille (and their not having sex for 10 years, her using him to be famous, his relationship with Kayte while he was married to Camille). Camille has remained quiet and classy, but finally spoke exclusively to RadarOnline and had this to say:

“Kelsey and I shared a life together and have two beautiful children together, and I just wish he would stop the constant barrage of negativity towards me as it’s bad for our children and our respective families,” Camille told Radar exclusively. “I would hope that Kelsey would say something positive about our life together, so we can be amicable. I have absolutely no ill will towards Kelsey, I keep focused on what is ahead and I don’t look back. I have happy memories about my time with Kelsey, yes, there were sad times, but I focus on the positive times for the sake of our children. I’m just not a negative person.”

She is SO right. They have children and it must be very hurtful for them to see Daddy constantly bashing Mommy on TV. It makes matters worse that they are school-aged and no doubt get berated for this by their peers. Kudos to Camille for saying just enough to get her point across while still remaining respectful towards her ex. SHE seems to have the children and families in the forefront of her mind, unlike Kelsey. I hate when people break up and then speak of the prior relationship as a waste of time/non-love. You were with her for a decade! Obviously something was working at SOME point.