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LeAnn Lawsuit: Brandi Speaks! Calls LeAnn a hypocrite!!

12 Sep

Another day…another reason to love Brandi Glanville. The famously scourned mother of Eddie Cibrian’s children spoke out about LeAnn and the infamous lawsuit/twitter/rehab shenanigan. As always, Brandi brings it in 140 characters or less:

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LeAnn Rimes: It just keeps getting worse!

4 Sep

Is anyone else feeling like the world is off-kilter with the absence of incessant tweeting from LeAnn Rimes? Yup, me too. However, things with LeAnn seem to be just as normal as ever. According to a new report from RadarOnline, LeAnn’s camp served Kim Smiley, the woman accused of bullying and illegally recording a conversation with Rimes. Unfortunately, they served the wrong woman. But somehow the media was there to capture it. Classic LeAnn tip off or coincidence? Read on! Continue reading

UPDATE! LeAnn Rimes sues phone recording fans!

30 Aug

Whoa! A few days ago we told you about this.  Basically, LeAnn called a fan and allegedly cursed at her for being a fan of Brandi. Well, fast forward to today and LeAnn has entered treatment for stress and anxiety and decided to SUE the two women who released the audio of her phone call. Its illegal in California to tape someone without there knowledge. But to those who have heard the audio…it may be illegal but it sure as hell is damning to HEAR. According to TMZ:

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LeAnn Rimes enters treatment facility!

30 Aug

Looks like this was too much for Leanne Rimes to handle. She checked herself into a rehab facility for “emotional issues”. Brandi Glanville didn’t have to do anything to Leanne to exact revenge…people like this hang themselves every time. People exclusively reports: Continue reading

Leanne Rimes at it again!

25 Aug

Leanne Rimes is a piece of work. Not only does she engage heavily with her twitter followers on the subject of how she is absolutely, positively, NOT a homewrecker…but she actually meets them and hangs out with them on a daily basis. Not so bad, right? Well, it gets worse… Continue reading

Brandi Glanville is single AGAIN!

23 Aug

Resident Beverly Hills bad girl, Brandi Glanville, revealed on twitter last night that she was 1000% single.  But that’s not all! She also Continue reading

Brandi Glanville thinks someone else is leaking stories

21 Aug

Blandi Glanville is our favorite outspoken, tell-it-like-it-is housewife. Especially on Twitter. Reading her tweets is like sitting at Thanksgiving with that inappropriate uncle who tells sex jokes…you never know what you are gonna get! Here is what Brandi had to say about the recent surge of tabloid and blog leaks.  Continue reading