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Camille Grammer takes the high road: Responds to Kelsey!

27 Aug

As we reported last week, Kelsey Grammer went on a Camille-bashing campaign while on Oprah’s Next Chapter. Kelsey refused to acknowledge Camille by name and again referred to their marriage as loveless and all for “fame” on her part. Classy guy…bashing the mother of his children on national T.V. Well Camille finally responded! She told RadarOnline:

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Camille Grammer tells RadarOnline.com exclusively that she has “no ill will” towards ex-husband,Kelsey Grammer after he said in an interview that he felt obligated to give his third wife”fame.”

“I wish [Kelsey] no ill will and I have moved on,” Camille tells RadarOnline.com exclusively. The blond beauty was married to the former Cheersstar for more than 10 years and the couple has two children together. Kelsey filed for divorcefrom Camille after meeting flight attendant,Kayte Walsh in 2010, it was finalized last year. Two weeks later, Kelsey married Kayte and she recently gave birth to a daughter, Faith.

As previously reported, Kelsey and Kayte were recently interviewed together. Preview clips released ahead of the interview, which will air this Sunday, reveal that Kelsey still has a lot to say about Camille, even though he refuses to even say her name!

Kelsey said that he felt he owed “fame” to Camille, claiming, “I did believe that I owed something to that person, that I owed fame. She had given up so much to just endure this horrible life she had with me.”

Camille’s divorce to Kelsey was featured on the first season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Sources close to the situation tell Radar that Camille was blindsided by Kelsey’s decision to pull the plug on the marriage.

Attention was then shifted to Kayte, and she was asked, “Had you known that it was going to be as public and as much vitriol. Would you still have stepped into this?”

“It’s OK to say you’re not sure,” the enigmatic Kelsey interjected, though Kayte was swift in her answer, saying she would have gotten involved with the veteran actor “because I love him.”

Kayte, who met her now-husband while she was working a Los Angeles to London flight, said the hardest part of her marriage to the 57-year-old Cheers star is people judging her “and not knowing anything about the truth … just marriage is hard, generally.”

Meanwhile, Camille has been happily dating Dimitri Charalambopoulos for more than a year and the two just got back from his native Greece.

Camille will be featured as a special guest star on the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Looks like Kayte really got herself a keeper. What makes her think he won’t eventually do this to her? What’s the old saying? A man who marries his mistress must soon replace her… Kudos to Camille for taking the high road and not bashing him when he clearly deserved it!