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Its about to go DOWN! Melissa Gorga’s past revealed!

10 Sep

Uh-oh! Looks like things in Jersey are about to turn very ugly, very fast. Below is a clip from the upcoming season finale of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Looks like Melissa’s alleged past as a “dancer” at a gentleman’s club, Lookers, in Elizabeth, NJ is about to come to light. Speculation from Melissa is that Teresa set this whole thing up to make her look bad. She claims to have only worked in a bikini bar as a bartender. I don’t think T is that good of an actress. What do YOU think? Check out the clip below:


A great timeline of events as well as an interview with the man in the clip, Angelo, and copies of Melissa’s pay stubs (showing her as a bartender only) can be seen at allabouttrh.com, an AMAZING HW blog with the best exclusives around!

Please excuse the link and not embedding, as I am working on fixing that. 😉