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Hilarious! Search terms used to find our blog!

24 Sep

Its that time again! Monday is the day we show you the search terms used to find out blog in search engines, from the previous week. Some of them are freakin’ hilarious! My favorites: “Melissa Gorga full of shit” and “Giudice kids maniacs” Not sure what brought people to our blog from these terms but its hysterical!

2012-09-17 to Today

Search Views
rhonj season 5 17
housewives of new jersey 11
caroline manzo divorce 11
posche fashion show 10
rhonj reunion 2012 8
melissa gorga strippergate 7
rich wakile fish comment 6
kathy wakile nose job 6
melissa gorga no makeup 5
kathy wakile nose job before and after 5
rhonj strippergate 5
roxypoxygirl 5
melissa gorga dancer 5
posche fashion show 2012 5
kim d bravo 4
did rich wakile say it tastes like fish and she gets the job done 4
melissa gorga nose job before and after 4
theresa real housewives stripper-gate 4
rhonj 4
why did kelsey grammer leave piers morgan sept 19 3
teresa wrongly accused rhonj season finale 5 3
jacqueline gets texts during posh fashion show 3
house wife melissa says teresa tried to destroy her 3
rich wakile fish 3
kathy wakile cannoli kit 3
alexis bellino divorce 3
season 5 of rhonj 3
melissa gorga is full of shit 3
what is melissa proof that she accuses melissa of strippergate 3
rhonj reunion 2
teresa giudice $6 500 apology 2
real housewives of new jersey season 4 finale mic’d 2
melissa giudice nose 2
real housewives divorce alexis 2
real housewives jersey strippergate 2
yourfriendkitty 2
poshe fashion show pr mic 2
teresa giudice season 5 2
@vangeli007 angelo 2
who is angelo on rhnj 2
asslicking 2
deviated septum before and after 2
was theresa involved with strippergate 2
gorga strippergate 2
kathy wakile and stripper gate 2
kathy wakile plastic surgery 2
lauren manzo reunion 2
real housewive of new jersey strippergate 2
alexis bellino fired 2
brandi glanville jonathan 2
tamra leaving real housewives 2
melissa gorga lip injections 2
lookers. with melissa gorga 2
caroline manzo hypocrite 2
melissa gorga dancer lookers image 2
is melissa a stripper the bald guy 2
teresa guidice 2
teresa apologizes 2
how does melissa prove teresa is behind stippergate? 2
joe gorga lawsuit 2
jacqueline laurita stirs the pot with melissa and teresa 2
bravo when will tre be vindicated for the events at pfs 2
gorga proves teresa was behind strippergate 2
was bravo in on strippergate 2
rhonj teresa and melissa dancer 2
season 5 rhonj 2
lookers nj 2
truth comes out teresa had nothing to do with setting up melissa at the posche show real house wives 2
rich wakile tastes like fish 2
us magazine mellisa teresa destroy us 1
teresa giudice blog rant 1
tamra barney news 1
tamra barney gossip 2012 1
gorga and strippergate 1
melissa and theresa 1
where to buy fabellini 1
did teresa giudice make fun of lauren manzo 1
realhousewiveslives 1
housewifes teresa 1
melissa gorga before plastic surgery 1
teresa giudice falsely accused 1
fabellini launch 1
rich fishy kathy 1
why did kelsey grammer leave piers morgan show 1
melissa gorga: how teresa tried to destroy me 1
teresa guidice 2012 1
real housewives jac 1
melissa and teresa 1
melissa gorga house wife 1
teresagiudice 1
cat rodriquez real housewives 1
the real hypocrites of new jersey 1
teresa giudice makes fun of lauren manzo 1
did rich wakile say she tastes like fish and gets things done 1
why did kelsey grammer leave poers morgan’s show 1
kelsey grammer cnn 1
melissa gorga plastic surgery before and after 1
theresa and melissa on real housewives 1
piers morgan kelsey grammer 1
tamra barney ugly plastic surgery 1
is teresa and melisa talking 1
lauren manzo versus teresa 1
real housewives of new jersey rich wakile fish comment 1
jac laurita scum photo 1
blinditem teresa guidace 1
housewives new jersey, who forgot they were mic’d 1
melissa gorga how teresa tried to destroy me 1
who called jacqueline laurita at posche 1
rich wakile is crazy! tastes like fish 1
was tersa responsible for stripper set up? 1
jacqueline laurita gossip september 2012 is stoopid 1
teresa stay on top rhnj 1
why did kelseygrammer leave the piers morgan show 1
rhonj blogs 1
teresa and lauren manzo 1
teresa’s comments about lauren manzo 1
scariest 911 call ever 1
is teresa and melissa talking 1
paul nassif 1
housewives of new jersey teresa gudice 1
kathy wakile 1
did bravo really stage rhonj? 1
teresa makes digs at lauren manzo 1
melissa gorga was a dancer 1
melissa giudice dancer 1
bindi desserts kathy wakile 1
melissa gorga misses teresa 1
firing of cat rodriguez rhonj 1
rich wakile tastes like 1
jacqueline laurita setup 1
prettyjacqueline@gmail.com 1
theresa sign season 5 contract first 1
was rich wakile fish comment edited 1
thereas strippergate 1
caroline manzo hair at posche fashion show 1
lauren manzo comments on teresa guidice 1
timeline of events rhonj 1
rhonj gossip season 5 1
teresa gudice season five 1
young melissa gorga 1
lauren manzo what do you think about terasa guince real housewifes new jersey 1
melissa gorga talks to us 1
melissa gorga nose job 1
strippergate with melissa 1
melissa gorga on the cover of us weekly a hypocrite 1
meliss gorga hypocrite 1
rich wakile comment about wife tasting like fish 1
strippergate bravo 1
teresa mocks lauren manzo 1
teresa giudice lauren manzo weight 1
jaqueline laurita on strippergate 1
melissa gorg posche fashion show top 1
cat rodriguez fired teresa 1
teresa apologizes to other housewives 1
how much does melissa gorga weigh 1
rhonj 2012 reunion 1
rhonj season 5 cast 2012 1
melissa strippergate 1
illumination pr nj melissa gorga 1
tamra barneys hernia 1
will there be a rhonj season 5 1
who set up melissa on rhonj 1
kathy walkie canoli kit 1
rhonj bald guy talks 1
rhonj producer twitter 1
melissa gorga ugly 1
bravo rhonj blogs kathy 1
cat rodriguez real housewives 1
is jacqueline loritta leaving housewives 1
rich wakile business 1
dina manzo response to posche fashion show 1
@vangeli007 1
real housewives of new jersey gossip 2012 1
jacqueline stirs the pot 1
melissa gorga posche fashion show 1
rhonj bald guy mic 1
lauren is fat at rhonj reunion filmed a while ago 1
melissa gorgan looker club 1
rhooc 1
rich wakile comment tastes like fish 1
melissa gorga was she a dancer? 1
teresa calls out lauren 1
strippergate housewives 1
bald guy posche fashion show 1
jaclaurita blog 1
melissa gorga talks about teresa 1
was melisa rhonj a dancer 1
details of rhonj reunion 1
melissa gorga, posche fashion 1
cat rodriguez caroline self 1
rhonj blog 2012 season 5 1
rich from real housewives said kathy tastes like fish? 1
where does tamra barney live 1
kim d ploted melissa 1
bravo rhonj reunion preview 2012 1
kathy wakile nose job pictures 1
chris laurita roxy poxy 1
who is angelo the bald guy 1
jacqueline laurita scum text 1
is melissa gorga a fame whore 1
jaqueline laurita text at fashion show 1
teresa apologizes except kathy 1
housewives of new jersey cast blogs 1
rhonj jacqueline son autistic 1
teresa wrongly accused rhonj 1
teresa giudice kids maniacs 1
melissa proves teresa was behind stippergate 1
angelo rhonj set up 1
gorga proves teresa was behind strippergte 1
rosie kathy’s sister real housewives 1
cat rodriguez bravo fired 1
was alexis fired? 1
jacqueline laurita plastic surgery 1
housewife melissa how teresa tried to destroy me 1
teresa lauren manzo 1
rich wakile comment about fish 1
comments last nights rhonj 1
bald guy saying melissa stripper rhonj 1
melissa gorga ass 1
bikini bar elizabeth nj theresa 1
does anyone feel bad for teresa giudice 1
teresa apologizes september 1
posche fashion show ? 1
rhonj melissa gorga stripper past 1
jacqueline larita bravo producer texts fired 1
teresa giudice apologizes 1
where did rich wakile grow up? 1
what did bald guy say about teresa and kim setting melissa up 1
last nights rhonj 1
melissa gorga lips 1
bravo rhonj reunion 1
bald guy on rhonj 1
poscge fashion show 1
theresa is so mean to melissa on housewives 1
melissa gorga pay stubs 1
lookers melissa gorga 1
melissa gorga without makeup 1
alexis fired from housewives 1
Unknown search terms 14