Caroline Manzo talks Dina at the Fabellini launch!

12 Sep

Caroline Manzo took to her blog to talk about Sunday’s episode. She didn’t say too much…other than she wishes things with Dina could go back to the way they were. Regardless of who did what…that is sad. When families are torn apart, no matter the reason…no one wins.

Hey guys, sorry for the late blog! It’s been a busy week.
It was fun to watch all the little kids get ready for school; I remember those days well, hectic but magical at the same time. Little excited faces with brand new haircuts, shiny new shoes, and the coolest lunch box ever. Don’t you wish you could be that little kid again? Life was so much easier.
I sympathized with Kathy while Victoria was checking out her college options. I remember when we did that with Albie, the dorms were small with cinderblock walls and it was quite a shock when we first walked in. The fact of the matter is that for Albie it was the best experience in the world. He grew so much from being away from home. Don’t worry, Kathy! She’ll be back looking for dinner with a bag full of laundry before you know it.

The scene with the little girls getting their nails done was too adorable for words; say what you want about the Jersey Housewives, you can’t deny we have the cutest little group of kids!

Sirius Radio was a blast! We did a three-hour open mike special, allowing listeners to call in and talk about anything they’d like. We had fun and got into some really interesting conversations for sure, so thank you Sirius!

The Fabellini party scene was not an easy one for me to watch. It is what it is. If I could wish upon a star it would be to wake up one day and have the nonsense behind me and my family in front of me laughing like old times. Star light, star bright…

Pretty surprised she even had a blog this week. I figured she would pull her “its 9/11/12 so I have nothing to say”. But she did kindasorta blog. Also suprisingly, she did not mention Teresa’s comment on WWHL about Lauren. Maybe because criticizing Teresa for  making a snide comment is futile…when her and her family have done it on camera for two years now.


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